Wykaz obozów

Na większość obozów przyjmowane jest jedno zgłoszenie z dystryktu – czasami może aplikować chłopak i dziewczyna.  W roku 2024 dostępne są zapisy na następujące obozy:

01e - A -TR-01
Outdoor and Sports Camp at Mount Uludağ Turcja13-16----17.07-30.07Enjoy sports, nature and being with friends from all over Turkey and the world (200 teenagers), enjoy being in a wonderful nature, dealing with all kinds of sports (basketball, soccer, hockey, archery, baseball, table tennis etc.), outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, rope courses, first-aid training etc.) arts & crafts, photography club, cooking club, biology club, dance & drama clubs.
01e - B -TR-01
Outdoor and Sports Camp at Mount UludağTurcja13-16----06.08-19.08
Enjoy sports, nature and being with friends from all over Turkey and the world (200 teenagers), enjoy being in a wonderful nature, dealing with all kinds of sports (basketball, soccer, hockey, archery, baseball, table tennis etc.), outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, rope courses, first-aid training etc.) arts & crafts, photography club, cooking club, biology club, dance & drama clubs.
02e -TR-05THE CRADLE OF CIVILISATIONSTurcja16-21300 €28.07-07.08Various programs in Istanbul to introduce this “Queen of the Cities” as it was once called in the Middle Ages. There will be excursions to nearby places as well as swimming, sightseeing, visiting historical places and museums.
03e -Tr-06THE FLAVOURS OF ISTANBULTurcja18-22300 €03.08-11.08Cultural camp. Istambul historic & touristic places, Turkish cuisisne, ...
04eSummer Camp Mamma Mia for TeenagersNiemcy15-17300 €03.08-11.08Camp for music lovers Additional it helps being a: • Teamplayer • Playing an Instrument (Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Flute, Trumpet, ….) • Acting • Dancing • Pantomime We want to perform an Abba Musical together with singers as well as a band. So it is helpful, if you have fun singing and performing a story. The Idea: Around eight songs oft he swedish group ABBA will be used as a base for a musical, that we will develop together with professional help. Your ideas, your story and your message come alive on stage through song, theatre, pantomime and bands, …, whatever else you can do with lighting and sound design.Write us, whatever else you want to do, so we can make it an unforgetable experience.
05eTaiwan Culture & Tour Camp 2024Tajwan18-25900 USD19.07-02.08Gathering of younger people from various countries, promoting better international understanding, building up friendship across geographical and cultural borders, having fun, exchanging ideas with new friends, and learning more about the way of life in Taiwan.
06eMOUNTAINBIKE IN A DANISH CONTEXT 2024Dania18-25150 €04.08-17.08The main theme is mountain biking at various places in Jutland combined with Danish culture and lifestyle.
07eIn Western DenmarkDania18-22200 €26.07-08.08The Danish West Coast: site seeing event with main focus on the nature, culture and history visiting the beaches of the Western Coast and the historical sites from World War II. - Ribe: the oldest city in Denmark with its roots dating back from time of the Wikings. - Esbjerg: the regional capital with its port and offshore industry, the biggest offshore wind port in the World handling and exporting large wind turbines. - A visit to a Danish farm and insight on local agriculture - A visit to Legoland
08e2024 RYE Discover Taiwan CampTajwan16-19900 USD20.07-04.08Join us in delving deep into four local cultures: Minnan, Hakka, native Taiwanese, and military dependents. We kindly invite foreign students to join in the appreciation of unique Taiwanese cultures. Relaxed vacation opportunities will include: the opportunity to casually walk down famous old streets, the chance to learn Taiwanese history through hands-on experiences, opportunities to experience the culture of four unique Taiwanese groups through their traditions, daily life, cuisine, and history. These opportunities will provide foreign students with a unique chance to learn from first hand experience. 1.Opportunities for foreign students to enjoy natural Toadies indigenous culture in the mountains. The spirit of village culture and history. 2.Hakka dyeing techniques along with the Hakka cultural center. 3.Minnan snacks, architectural areas, and Temple festival activities. 4.Zhonglu, Longgang, Matzu impressions. 5.Science parks, Taipei 101, The Palace Museum. Through family integration students will be able to intimately experi- ence Taiwanese life, cultural activities, in the essence of what it means to be Taiwanese, foreign students will be have ample opportunities to learn introductory Mandarin, and endless chances to practice their language skills.
09eExplore Taiwan Cycling CampTajwan16-20800 USD11.07-30.0710 days, 800 KM cycling, plus hospitality homestay, before and after. You will travel through most of the beautiful scenic spots islandide, visit various tribes, experience different culture, savor various foods, enjoy sun shine and a lot more.
10eSAIL & FUN CAMPWłochy16-17400 €16.07-29.07Two weeks of sailing and fun in Lombardy, which includes the first week of sailing school in Mandello del Lario, a magnificent locality of Como Lake near Lecco, and the second week of pure fun and excursions, including Bellagio (pearl of the lake), laps on the Tazio Nuvolari Circuit (near Pavia) with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and other super car, mountain hikes, go-kart race and much more. Detailed program will be sent to all participants.
11eFLANDERS SUMMER CAMPBelgia18-24350 €18.08-31.08A journey “where you arrive as an individual and leave as a team”. On the program: Discover Antwerp, teambuilding activities, day trips to Bruges - the Venice of the North- , Ghent, Brussels, meeting with Rotary clubs and much more…Full accommodation and meals will be provided by District 2140 and several Rotary Clubs of Antwerp Area. The team will stay in a Youth Hostel. More information & a detailed program with contact telephone numbers will be sent to the participants at the end of June.
12eDANISH YOUTH NATURE, ADVENTURE & CULTURE CAMPDania15-17250 €28.07-08.08• Canoeing and Camping Under the Stars • Vibrant Copenhagen Culture • Scenic Hikes in Ringsted • Viking History in Roskilde • Educational Visit to Sorø Academy • Roskilde Cathedral (UNESCO cultural heritage) • Stevns Klint Geological Wonders (UNESCO cultural heritage)
13eFrom North to South Turkiye - Fire of Black Sea and AnatoliaTurcja13-15500 €01.07-12.07Discover the Magic of Turkiey!!!! Sport and culture activities, sailing, fencing, mythological tours, and much more
14eSUMMER CAMP IN TAMPERE and VIRRATFinlandia15-17250 €04.08-17.08The camp consists of two parts. The participants will first spend a week together in Virrat area in Youth Center Marttinen. During the second part of the camp the participants will stay with the host families to get an idea of the Finnish way of life. During the camp period we will identify future phenomena that we will consider together with Mr. Perttu Pölönen, a known Finnish futurist. The camp period is supervised by Rotarians and local guides.
15eSUMMER CAMP IN RAISIOFinlandia18-20250 €05.08-18.08The camp consists of two parts. The participants will first spend one week with their host families to get an idea of the Finnish way of life. During the host family week, you will meet the other participants and together with them you will experience the city of Turku as well as the surrounding areas through fun activities. During the camp period all participants will stay together in Kesäranta summer camp in Naantali. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary’s leadership training program for young people. If you feel that there is a leader inside you that needs training, this is the camp for you. Experienced professionals will bring out your leadership skills. You will learn to appreciate different behavioral preferences, your understanding of yourself and others will grow and through different activities you will learn to create more effective relationships as a member of a team as well as team building. At the camp we will be living in shared rooms, girls and boys separately. The camp is located in a beautiful place by the sea and nature. During the Finnish summer nights there is light almost the whole night and you can have fire by the water in the evenings.
16eThink Egypt “Egyptology”2024Egipt15-22690 $14.07-24.07Egypt is probably the world's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 BC, historically. Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun, and to see the wonders of some of mankind's earliest triumphs. But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments. It is also Red Sea scuba diving, hot night spots, luxury hotels and five star restaurants. It is romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats, a night at the grand opera and it is a cultural experience like none you have ever experienced. Egypt is a land bustling with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement. More than anything else, we want you to think of Egypt as fun. For thousands of years, it has been the playground of emperors and kings, and we hope you will take the time to find out why.
17eSwiss Mountain Adventure Camp (Thomas Kaiser Climbing Camp)Szwajcaria15-191200 CHF29.6-13.7
Two adventurous weeks in the Valais region of the Swiss Alps. Introduction to alpine environment and climbing on rock and ice for beginners and medium level. They will also practice canyoning and via ferrata. Acquaintance with flora, fauna and geology. The camp is supervised and led by professional mountain guides. You are expected to actively participate in the activities.
18eTHE MAGIC OF FORMOSA THE MAGIC OF FORMOSA Railway Island Tour in TAIWANTajwan18-24500 €18.07-31.07
Embark on a unique exploration of Taiwan as we traverse the island aboard trains. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Taiwan, uncover its rich culture, experience the warmth of Taiwanese kindness and forge lasting friendship. Join us for this unforgettable ride! Before the adventure concludes, your mission will be capturing the essence of Taiwan’s charm, showcasing its scenic wonders, cultural treasure and the heartfelt moments you’ve experienced.
19eYouth Camp Denmark 2024Dania15-18280 €27.07-10.08
20eVia Transilvanica Volunteering And Hiking in the Heart of TransylvaniaRumunia15-19280 €21.07-28.07Volunteering and environment training camp. Presentation of the Tasuleasa organization, its projects and the camp rules;
There will be discussions about volunteering and environmental concerns of the Association, and and
introduction to various educational games on environmental issues.

You need to have mounteneering equipment: mountain boots (not fancy shoes), jackets, warm
clothes, caps, rain coat, , backpack, lantern
21eTrekking, Culture and Sports in the Italian-speaking part of SwitzerlandSzwajcaria15-18400 CHF28.07-09.08Discover the geography and culture of Ticino - Swizerland’s southermost Itaian-speaking Canton - by hiking and trekking, getting involved in new sports, having fun and exchanging experiences with new friends. The parents are requested to certify that the applicant is in good health and that he/she is able to take part in all scheduled activities and that they agree to medical care if necessary. Meeting and base camp at Centro Gioventù e Sport, Bellinzona (www.ti.ch/centrigs). During the camp, different mountain cabins and Youth Hostels.
22eLariano Trekking CampWłochy15-17240 €23.06-06.07Trekking on the mountains around Lake Como During these fourteen days you will be guided to discover our region, through trekking on the beautiful mountains of Lake Como and the surrounding areas of it. Two-days excursions in the mountains of the regions, up to 2.500 mt in Val Biandino and to Monte San Primo (1.800 mt) will be the most important events during the two weeks. Preparation to them will be part of the program as well as medium-heavy trekking days; you will also visit Milan and Como. Definite programme will be issued by the end of March. Please do not forget you will walk at least 60 km in two weeks.
23eMountainbike in a danish context 2024Dania18-25150 €04.08-17.08In addition to mountainbike you will have many more exiting experiences: You will enjoy a swim and play at the beaches of the West coast of Jutland. You will visit several cities as Aalborg, Silkeborg and of course Aarhus. You will have the possibility to visit The Old Town, the Natural History Museum MOMU and Aros Art Museum in Aarhus – the second biggest town in Denmark. We hope you will have the possibility to try to canoe of the lakes at Silkeborg or take a trip with a old boat called “Hjejlen.” In Aalborg we will for sure visit the harbor and “Street food market” and have a dinner there. There will be plenty of time for your own experiences in the three cities.
24eSun, Fun, Sports & FoodTurcja15-17----01.07-12.07The participants will be hosted by Rotarian families during their whole stay in Adana to have an excellent chance to immerse themselves in the Turkish way of life and hospitality. Participants will enjoy swimming pool, lake, sea beaches and trekking days as well as visiting cultural and historical sites in the area. Also we are planning to taste traditional food and especially Adana kebap.
25eDiscover Normandy and SailingFrancja15-17250 €30.06-14.07Discover Normandy, beetween sea and history. First week: 5 days of afternoon sailing and visits to historic sites around Cherbourg. Second week: seven days of visits to historic and remarkable sites in Normandy through hiking
26eIntroduction to sailing and Discovery of the Catalan CoastFrancja18-22500 €22.06-01.0725th edition! Discover Catalan coast, french and spanish, from Port-la-Nouvelle (France) to Rosas (Spain) Introduction to sailing on a modern boat type Dufour 455 (see photos) equipped with 4 double cabins, 2 individual beds in the living space and 3 showers, one being outside. They will be supervised by a professional skipper, as well as by a Rotarian.
27eBERGISCHES LAND the Highlands East of CologneNiemcy16-18400 €15.08-25.08The summer camp aims at developing and improving international friendships and networking among the former home of the aristocratic and ruling young people. We will be glad to welcome you in our summer camp and let you explore a region in the heart of Germany with the most interesting contrasts between the world famous cities Cologne and Bonn and the beauty of the countryside and its unique side by side of traditional farming, forestry and industrial culture! And we're going to have a lot of fun together!
28eSailing with "Jensine" in the Danish South Sea"Dania17-21150 €30.07-12.08Haderslev is a town in southern Denmark, located on the beautiful east coast of the peninsula Jutland. The first days you will stay at Rotarians home and see the Southern part of Denmark. After a few days the “summer campers” will go on board “Jensine of Haderslev”. This is the oldest wooden sailing ship in Denmark. The guests are the crew! A certified Captain and 1st Officer will be in charge on board.
29eHistory, Future & Fun - 2024Belgia18-22250 €12.08-23.08VISIT FLANDERS TOUR: Learning from the past to better understand the future. Surfing the waves of culture to develop friendships. Mutual understanding so that inclusion is not just a concept but a way of life. The past has characterized Flanders in many ways. We would like to take you to our past, to the present and we like to tell you what the future can bring us. Are you ready for an enchanting 12 days of friendship, action and culture in Flanders?
30eBELGIUM @ THE BORDERSBelgia17-19180 €10.08-18.08Two Rotary clubs team up to organize the program: RC Hoogstraten-Kempen and RC Turnhout. The program will include social events, cultural visits (Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp), sports activities and sightseeing in the northern part of Belgium. With great pleasure we invite you to participate in our program and enjoy the warm home hospitality of our Rotarians.
31eCAPTURE AUSTRIAAustria16-18120 €17.08-31.08AIM OF CAMP: Under the guidance of a professional photographer and a movement expert who will both be leading the workshop, the participants will learn how to capture the essence of their surroundings and experiences on their adventure through Austria. They will experience the beauty of various cultural and natural highlights and will be guided on how to use simple methods and tools to help refine their view and translate that into artistic expression. With the material created and lessons learned during their stay they will contribute to a group performance at the end of the camp.
32eCelebrate BelgiumBelgia17-19250 €06.07-17.07Rotary clubs of Huy, Huy-Rondia, Andenne and Durbuy and Rotaract Vallée Mosane will organize a lot of visits (Brussels, Bruges, Liège, ...), sports , visits and fun... Housing with Rotary families. Full accommodation will be provided by district 2160 Belgium. A detailed program will be sent to the participants.
33eITERNATIONAL WILDERNESS CANOE CAMPKanada18-22600 C$03.07-17.07Rotary District 5550 and the Sioux Lookout Rotary Club offer an amazing, wilderness, canoeing experience to youth from all over the world. You have signed on for a challenging canoe trip that you will find both enjoyable and rewarding. The International Youth Camp (IYC) committee will prepare you to successfully complete a 200-kilometre canoe trip in two-person, aluminum canoes. You will be expected to fully participate in all aspects of the camping/canoeing trip including cooking, setting up tents, paddling, and of course, carrying equipment and canoes over the seven portages (the longest being 2.0 km). Of great importance to the success of your experience will be your willingness to work in a team atmosphere.

Powyższa lista będzie uzupełniana systematycznie w miarę napływu nowych zaproszeń. Obozy zaznaczone kolorem czerwonym są już niedostępne lub wysłane zostały na nie zgłoszenia uczestnika.



Poniżej lista obozów które były dostępne w roku 2023. W bieżącym roku mamy nadzieję, że lista obozów będzie znacznie większa.

01dIsrael Summer Youth Camp
Izrael18-26350 €27.03-04.04
02dSwedish Rotary Sailing Camp, Stockholm,Szwecja18-20780 €02.08-12.08
03dLariano Trekking CampWłochy15-17200 €02.07-15.07
04dExplore TAIWAN cycling campTajwan16-20800 €06.07-26.07
05dDiscover Taiwan CampTajwan16-19900 €30.07-14.08
06dDiscover MilanWłochy18-25450 €24.06-2.07
07dVIII International Rotary MASPALOMAS Camp on PeaceHiszpania18-25395 €01.07-09.07
08d52nd Swiss Mountain Adventure CampSzwajcaria15-191200 CHF01.07-15.01
09dDemocracy, Food and NatureDania18-25150 €05.08-19.08
10dIce to LakeSzwajcaria19-25300 CHF05.08-20.08
11dCamp Copenhagen 2023>Dania18-25330 €12.8-26.8
12dYouth Camp Nationalpark ThyDania16-20135 €16.07-29.07
13dPEACE, ART and SEANorwegia16-18100 €19.07-30.07
14dSailing Camp BonavistaDania17-23200 €29.07-12.08
15dRowing on the northern lakesWłochy15-17380 €09.07-22.07
16dHike &Fun in the Heart of the Alpes in TyrolAustria17-20150 €22.07-05.08
17dZurich - little big citySzwajcaria18-22300 CHF29.07-06.08
18dAmazon campBrazylia15-191750 $28.07-06.08
19dCoastal and Cultural AdventuresNorwegia18-20300 €02.08-14.08
20dSustainability & SailWłochy18-30900 €22.07-29.07
21dAria of BeautyWłochy18-30800 €30.06-08.07
22dEast mediterranean culture & fun campTurcja14-17250 €10.07-23.07
23dThe Mystery of MersinTurcja15-19400 €09.07-21.07
24dExperience the southwestern NorwayNorwegia17-20----11.08-21.08
25dEgyptology”2023 camp Egipt15-22690 €22.07-03.08
26dFlanders summer campBelgia18-24300 €13.08-26.08
27dSports and LeisureFrancja18-23550 €10.07-20.07
28dSailing with “Jensine” in the Danish South SeaDania17-211000 DKK01.08-14.08
29dIntroduction to Sailing and Discovery of the Catalan CoastFrancja18-22500 €24.06-3.07
30dMountain camp in the Catalan PyreneesFrancja18-23150 €16.06-25.06
31d_aOutdoor and Sports Camp at Mount UludağTurcja13-16--------13.07-26.07
31d_bOutdoor and Sports Camp at Mount UludağTurcja13-16--------05.08-18.08
32dThe Cradle of Civilisations (Istanbul)Turcja16-21300 €30.07-09.08
33dTaste of IstanbulTurcja18-22300 €22.06-30.06
34dBiking, rafting and sightseeing in CzechiaCzechy16-18100 €22.07-05.08
35dSouth Bohemia Summer Camp 2023Czechy15-18120 €30.07-12.08
36dSightseeing and Hiking in Bohemian Forest and BavariaCzechy18-20270 €30.07-12.08
37dBiking and Hiking in SouthernCzechy15-18200 €15.07-26.07
38dViolin or Guitar Making Camp in Cheb (Each participant takes home a self-made guitar or violin)Czechy15-18600 €24.06-08.07
39dROME, LAZIO CITIES AND SEA 2023Włochy18-21400 €14.07-26.07
40dRenewable energyFinlandia16-20250 €03.07-15.07
41dDiscovering Sicily’s West CoastWłochy15-17300 €16.7-23.07
42dApulia between Nature and EnergyWłochy18-21650 €06.07-20.07
43dValtellina Iron CampWłochy18-23400 €17.06-01.07
44dIZMIR SUN, FUNTurcja18-25720 €03.07-15.07
45dGirls Tech Camp – technical & cultural insights in BavariaNiemcy18-25200 €05.08-13.08tylko dziewczyny
47dDiscovering North East ItalyWłochy18-21300 €27.08-6.08
48dSailing CampPolska18-28310 €04.08-12.08
49dSport and HorsesPolska18-24330 €21.07-02.08