Euroture 2023 (An experience told but better lived)

Euroture 2023 (An experience told but better lived)

An experience told but better lived – EUROTOUR 2023

This whole adventure began by recruiting all the exchange members that are all over Poland, the trip started at 3:30 in the morning, while the exchange members traveled to the meeting point, which were two, we stopped in Kielce and Poznan, being all together we started one of the best experiences that each of the exchange members could have lived and the best thing is that you will always remember it because they are experiences that you live once in your life but in your memory and in your mind you will always be living it, but why?

This is just beginning, this trip started making the first stop in Amsterdam-Netherlands, there we had two tour guides, a woman and a man: a woman and a man, fortunately we were lucky that the woman spoke Spanish and that made her connect even more with our exchangers from Brazil and Mexico, just like the gentleman made an incredible connection with the other exchangers thanks to his way of being so kind and charismatic, after having a tour through the center of Amsterdam, we met a store with a special meaning because of the history it has, It was a store with different flavors of cheeses that among them sold very tasty salty and sweet products, the owner of the store told us about how it works and why it makes it special, continuing we had free time and then we went to the wax museum where we took many pictures and laughed together, finally we had a tour of the canal touring all over Amsterdam and seeing how amazing and beautiful it is.

Continuing our adventure our second stop was Paris-France ( the city of love) where we spent two days and one day in Versailles, the first was to know the basilica, go to the viewpoint to see the incredible view of how it looks all over Paris, meanwhile we had free time to meet and eat independently, then we had a tour on the river Cruise where we sang and laughed as we made friends on the boat where we were all together, we went to see the Arc de Triomphe and finally we saw the Eiffel Tower at night in the Trocadero square, the second day we went to the Eiffel Tower, we climbed to the top and saw the whole city; It was an unforgettable experience as well as it was nice to see all the happy faces of the exchange students to be there, we went to Versailles and had free time in the palace; finally we went to the Notre Dame cathedral and took many pictures, on the third day and to finish in France, we went to Chambord castle which had an incredible view and to close this wonderful country we went to the Louvre museum seeing the incredible art of the Mona Lisa and the French war.

Then our third stop was Barcelona-Spain where we stayed for two days, the first day we went to a spectacular viewpoint, then we had a tour of the center of Barcelona and met the parliament of Catalonia, then we went to the great soccer stadium CAMP NOU – FC BARCELONA where all the exchange students were very happy because most of them are idols of players who play or played for a long time in that team; We had free time to take pictures and buy things in the official Barca store, then we went to the beach of Barcelona and finally we went to a spectacular flamenco show where the exchange students enjoyed, laughed and above all enjoyed that part of Spanish culture, the day after the show we went to the beach. Next we had a guide where he explained part by part the meaning and what represents the Sagrada Familia cathedral, we made a stop at a nougat store which is the traditional chocolate of Spain where we tasted different flavors and saw the cathedral made of chocolate, we continued going to the Güell Park of Antoni Gaudí, where we had the opportunity to witness a flamenco show and the exchange were dazzled with the presentation and the beauty of the park, ending we were in the royal palace and the cathedral of Barcelona touring it from the outside.

Fourth stop of this adventure was Cannes-France where we were visiting Provence and Côte d’Azur, then we had a delicious dinner all together tasting a delicious pizza and finally we walked near the port.

Continuing our fifth stop was Monaco-Monte Carlo and Italy-Pisa, in Monaco we walked through the center and through the streets where the Formula 1 racers race as well as we passed by the curve of one of the best racers known as Checo Perez, in Italy we went to visit the tower of pisa with its cathedral and enjoyed the incredible view, we had time to take pictures and enjoy this wonderful city.

Finishing with this trip our last and sixth stop was ITALY, we met 6 cities, the first one was Florence where we had an incredible tour guide where he explained and showed us the center, however he made the tour dynamic and fun at the same time, the exchange students were very happy that he was our guide, we were also at the Ponte Vecchio where we enjoyed the view and had free time, finally we went to the viewpoint to appreciate the wonderful view of the whole city, the second city was Rome where we spent two days, the first day we met the Roman Colosseum, it was a spectacular visit and it was a spectacular visit and it was a great experience; The second city was Rome where we spent two days, the first day we visited the Roman Colosseum, it was a spectacular visit as it was something that the exchangers wanted to see from the beginning of the trip; However the monument is beautiful, as well as we also knew the Vatican, therefore the basilica of the pope so it was an amazing moment as we enjoyed living the experience of knowing the altar and how this constituted the Vatican museum, the next day we had a tour around the center and we were in a gelato factory; where the owner explained us how the machines work and how they produce one of the best gelato in Italy, then we tasted and disliked the exquisite flavors of gelato, confirming that the best gelato you can get is in Italy.

The third city was Naples where we met Pompeii, we were in one of the best historical places which was the house of Menader; where we had a tour and we saw the view from above to appreciate how that old city looks like, of course we were in the center of Pompeii where we had the opportunity to know more of the city having free time, finally we went to eat a delicious pizza all together where we laughed and enjoyed the Italian pizza, the fourth city was Capri where we traveled by boat and met the great and incredible island, we took many pictures and enjoyed the wonderful view and how lucky Italy is to have it, then we ate an incredible pasta and we had a great time; then we ate an amazing pasta and had a tour where we met aromatic flowers that are used to create perfumes, the fifth city was Capri where we had the opportunity to visit the The city was Verona where we visited Romeo and Juliet’s house and therefore Juliet’s balcony, we walked through the center and had some free time, to finish with this adventure, our sixth and last city was Venice, it was one of the best cities we could have known in Italy, we had a tour of the center where we met the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, then we were by the Doge’s Palace, then we visited the incredible basilica and finally to close an unforgettable experience we had a cruise on the canal where we enjoyed having the opportunity to know Venice and how magical is that city.

Without a doubt this experience will remain engraved in the minds and hearts of the exchange students, we were very happy to be able to travel in groups of friends and create a friendship and connection that will last forever, it is one of the best things that Rotary could have included as it was this trip, which teaches general culture of the countries and brings happiness to people knowing and enjoying how wonderful it is to travel, it was a little difficult to conclude with this experience as it is never enough while traveling and learning, but we are infinitely grateful that this adventure has become a reality.


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