Wrocław – Kraków


I went in a trip to Wrocław on 8 December Christmas meeting. I had never been in Wrocław before. Wrocław is very beautiful and a city that reminds Germany. We’ve been in zamek książ and in others beautiful places. The zoo of Wrocław is huge and there are a lot of variety of animals. There we had a test and it was easy. We had a tour for Wrocław. We visited really beautiful places in that trip.


Last week we went in a trip to Krakow. I already had been in Krakow twice so I already knew somethings but I loved visiting the Wawel castle. I heard the stories and it was really interesting. On Saturday we had a tour for Krakow and at evening we went to Oświęcim. We arrived in the hotel around 9:00PM. The hotel was very very good, I really loved the hotel. On Sunday we went to The museum Auschiwtz and it was the saddest place I’ve been at. After Auschiwtz we went back to the hotel and there we ate and took some pictures then we had free time I slept and almost missed the bus back to Warsaw. But this trip was really fun, interesting and sad because of we saw in Auschiwtz. I’ll never forget that trip.


I don’t have to much to talk about the school. To be honest the negative point of my exchange is the school. I don’t like to go to school, not because I’m a lazy boy or I don’t like learning. I love learning but I hate going to school in Copernicus for 2 motives. First one, we don’t have classes with polish people. Second one we just have polish language. The second motive is a good one because our polish gets better but it still boring having only 2 hours of polish and that’s it. When I started studying in Copernicus i was impressed I thought was going to learn german and a lot of things else but I was wrong. The first week I’ve been in the normal classes and the teachers even didn’t have our names on the list. I’ve been in the german class once and the teacher said “who are they? “What are they doing here”. I’ve been in my friend’s school in Łódź and his school is awesome. There I made some friends. I had contact with polish people and I also worked at the lessons. I’ve been in the german class in Łódź and the teacher asked me a lot o things, she knew I really wanted to learn. The English teacher from Łódź likes me a lot. That’s why I don’t like going to school here. I really wanted to learn something else, I’m learning Russian but at home. But I thank a lot my polish teacher, if my polish is praised is because of her. I’d like to thank Rotary for everything they’re doing for me.

Thank you so much Rotary!

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