I wanna say, Poland is awesome!

I wanna say, Poland is awesome!


So beggning of my report, i wanna say, Poland is awesome!


Everything here is so good, i can’t believe i live here for four months already. It’s so nice to live here.

At the beginning of this adventure. I take a flight from taiwan for20 hours to here. It takes so long time to get here. In Bydgoszcz, we meet our new friends from all of the world in the polish camp. Because of visa, i got three days late for the polish camp. When i got there, everyone knows something in polish, but i dont. So i try to study hard for the final test at the end of the camp. So i past the exam!!!!



During these four months, i join a volleyball team in kopernik high school in Warsaw, in our school, everyone are nice to me. That’s what i heard when i was in Taiwan.>>polish people always nice to everyone. And im so glad to be here, my host family is the best family . Like my real family always help me to do something



And we traveled alot together like Lithuania, Gdansk thanks for them.



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