This month has been amazing…

This month has been amazing…

Hi, Im Martha Andrea Cruz Vazquez from Mexico.

Already a month has passed since I arrived in Gdańsk,Poland and it has been an incredible experience, I have met many people, places, etcetera.



While my school, at first it was very difficult, having to use the public transportation, the distance between my House and school, and that at first everyone in my school were afraid to approach me, but then everything got better. I have friends in my school, and I discovered that public transport is not so bad.

With my Family i get along very well, my host mom is very nice, she has a lot of resemblance to my real mom, and on weekends we do not usually do much, sometimes we ride a bike, or we go skating or we just stay Home.

With my Rotary Club we have only had one meeting,but tomorrow we Will have our presentations and they will also tell us some activities in which we will have to be present. We have met with our counselor 3 times, he is very nice and it is always Close to us, He is the best.


This month has been amazing.


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