This being my first time to travel abroad, I was very excited and ….

This being my first time to travel abroad, I was very excited and ….

My name is Nakanwagi Chloe Monicah . I am seventeen years old . I am an exchange student from Uganda to Poland.


This being my first time to travel abroad, I was very excited and as well nervous without travelling with any family member and travelling unaccoumpanied.Well my journey to Poland had one stop in Qatar at Hamad  International airport[DOHA] which was a very big airport so I had to ask the lady i was seated next to fortunately she was a worker at the airport so she helped me get to the gate in time and on arrival in poland everyone was excited to see me the rotary members and my host dad as well as his dad. Giving me a vey good and impressive welcome to Poland.


I live in WARSZAWA with my first host family which Is the best family I have sofar had. I have no problems with them and I have a good interaction with my host brother he only lived here for 2 weeks after my arrival and went to Belgium where he studies. My host sister is on her exchange in Taiwan but we have a good contact with her via Instagram where she has helprd me get some of her friends here in poland. 


School in poland is very different from school in Uganda . In Uganda we are not supposed to take our phones to school whereby here in poland I do take my phone to school. Our classes here end so early than in Uganda . Well school here is different where you find primary school and secondary school in the same school . Well my classes are in polish which has made me get more exposed to the language hence learning it very easily . Being of a different colour and race my first days at school I was kind of bullied but my classmates helped me out . Though till now I can try understanding but I don’t usually talk to them cause they don’t  know English very much but am now used to it. I like playing games at school like basketball , volleyball and badminton.



I like poland it has very many beautiful places like I like the polish sea which was my first time to see the sea . I like Gdansk its very beautiful with most of its places having water like where ships are loaded and offloaded. I like Torun where they make ginger bread , it’s a very beautiful place with a nice view .i like mazury it has a nice view where it has many lakes and I like the way summer houses are made out of woods . I liked it when we had to go and pick mushrooms from the forest .I like the Warsaw old town it’s a very nice place with the Royal Castle , with the maze and I like the national theatre I had never had a chance going to the national theatre .  I also liked the museum of  ginger bread , museum of Nicolaus Copernicus, Museum of illusions passing through the tunnel and it feels like a real tunnel , this room where everything is upside down.



I joined self -defense classes where I am learning new fighting techniques. I ate a burger for my first time. I took my first swimming lesson where I learnt floating on my back in a swimming pool. We went to the orphanage where I had to make a presentation about Uganda in polish and we cooked Ugandan food where everyone liked the food . We made ourselves autumn crowns which I loved very much.



We have met our counsellor where we all have one councillor and shes called Dorota shes a  very good person gives us advice on how to undertake some situations and brings about new ideas of what we can do. I love her very much. 



I like our rotary club it has very good and interactive people. I like other exchange students in my rotary club where we have polish lessons together every Thursday which is very good having lessons together . I like rotary meetings where we get to meet different people and former exchange students where we get to experience that their exchange was all about. We also get advice from the other exchange students.We attend rotary meetings most of the times and sometimes we don’t because we have polish lessons with Krystyna. 



I want to thank everyone who has a hand in my exchange and am very appreciative for this chance to participate in this exchange program. I LOVE POLAND.

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