The first day of school was very different…

The first day of school was very different…


 The first months of an exchange would define them as a period of adaptation, new family, new customs, new school, new friends, in some way it could be interpreted as being reborn.


The first day of school was very different, I must admit that I understood absolutely nothing when the teachers spoke, I dare to say that Polish is one of the most difficult languages, otherwise my course has received me very well, they are very nice and kind, within the productive at school is not much what I do, generally I do not understand most of the classes and for now I do not participate in any extracurricular activity.


The best thing about my experience has been being able to make friends from different countries and cultures, besides being learning a new language in a more interactive way and the worst I think it has been the same language, the difficulties to express myself are great, but I still achieve it In one way or another, in addition to the language, the cold has been quite large, it is difficult to get used to temperatures so different from Chile and what we are in Autumn, as I have been told the winter is even worse, reaching temperatures of up to -15 ° c.


Regarding travel, we have made 2 massive trips because in Poland there is only one Rotary district. The first city visited was Bydgoszcz, in this city we spent a week in a kind of language camp, where we learned the basics so that our adaptation in the schools and our host families was easier, we visited different places in this city too, it was a very productive trip that also allowed us to generate friendships. The second was to the city of Torun, here was a trip more than anything to know a little more of Poland, we visited museums, this is the city where Nicolas Kopernikus was born and lived, besides being the most famous for its manufacture of cookies Ginger, it was a very cool trip. Now soon in the first weeks of December we have a scheduled trip to another city to „celebrate” Christmas.


I would like to continue knowing more about this great country, its history and especially the reason for everything.


So far I can describe this experience as unique and although not everything is rosy, you have to know how to face and overcome those small problems that arise.




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