“So, Poland, here it is.”

“So, Poland, here it is.”


“So, Poland, here it is.” That was my first thought as I shrugged through the airport in a tired state of long traveling. But to my surprise, I was happy by what I saw. Despite the language barrier, I felt a already common feeling when I left the United States of America. Home.

    There honestly was no surprise by what I saw everyone seemingly dressed the same and even spoke some English. So, in my head, I thought, “Hmmm, am I in the right country?” But of course that thought was quickly taken out of my head as I heard constant Polish around me. Interesting it was and so it is even now.



Then after finding my host family, getting home, spending a few days getting situated from jet lag, off to Polish language camp I went. Curious, I thought, I wonder what countries are present here in Poland along with me. Sure enough I would find out and be happy to find a colorful selection of people from multiple countries to mingle with and become friends with during my stay at Bydgoszcz. Continuing on, language camp would soon end and all of us would be sent to our selected host families. I was saddened to see everyone go, but of course so It must be.



Finally is my host family and school. My host family and others travel around a little, see the sights a little or stay at home a find activities to do. It is relatively peaceful as being close to a city can be. And otherwise a learning experience in general. School on the other hand is pretty good. There was the few people who were concerned with their English skills but luckily I have friends who are also from America and know English with Polish, another plus I’d say!


The following pictures were taken during my stay at Bydgoszcz

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