September 2016

September 2016



I’ve been living in Poland for a month and I feel like I just got here two days ago, but at the same time that I have been here for years, and I have adapted very quickly to many things. When I arrived everything was very different from Mexico but I was very happy and excited for the new experiencies I’d make, although the first days I had a jetlag and the time zone is completely different etc. But little by little I could adapt and not feel homesick or anything, because my mom is a great person and always cares about my needs. More than a week after I arrived, I went to camp language in Bydgoszcz, a city two hours away from mine (Gdansk), that camp was an experience I will never forget because I had the opportunity to meet all exchange students which come from many different countries, that helped me learn a lot about different cultures.



I spent a great time at the camp and made friends I will never forget. In the morning we had classes of Polish and in the evenings we did some sport or sometimes even karaoke and history classes. We went out to a beautiful park, another day we went to the world’s largest brick Castle! And much more.


After the camp I returned by train to my city with 4 other colleagues who live here and my mom picked me up from the station, in the next few days we went to many tourist spots and parks, I also traveled for two days to a town in southern Poland to pick up the dog from my mom, then come back and went to school for the first time the other day, I thought I would have a hard time and was a little scared, but from the first class a few girls came to talk to me and they were very nice, later during the day I talked to many people who approached me and even two people invited me to go out and offered to show me the city which was something I appreciate a lot.



The next day I went out with some friends from school and went to eat at a restaurant in the city center and I had fun! A girl who does not speak much English was very nervous to talk to me and she tried a lot and it was really nice. Then I went for a walk with three exchange students and a girl from another town came to Gdansk and we showed her the city.


The school is a bit difficult because every day I have a different  schedule and still do not understand anything but I can understand a bit of French, English and a little math but I’m bad in this area, it has been a bit boring because all day I sit uncomprehending but I will begin to have Polish classes and that will help me a lot.



I also want to thank my club counselor because he has been very nice, supportive and understanding of each of us.

I have just been in this country for a month and I see that it is already an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t change for anything! I do not regret coming, it is a beautiful country with a lot of culture and history, I am excited to learn more things every day and learn this beautiful language.

Do widzenia.



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