School and friends… Not what I expect

Call it stereotype or maybe imagination but most of the people “know” and say that Europeans are a little more cold than people from other countries  so I was really afraid of not making friends or not feeling well in  school, but almost everything was different than what I think.

In the school almost all of the exchange students are in the same school and we just have 2 hours and sometimes 3 hours of polish and after that we can go home, the first weeks we have the chance to attend some classes but nobody knows about us even the teachers, so it was really weird cause they didn’t know what to do with us, so after one week everybody stop going, and yes, maybe some other exchange students think that is funny not having normal classes cause then you can do whatever you want or just go home, but actually after a few months is really boring, cause you don’t know what else to do, where else to go, and also with who go out cause we don’t have friends in the school and making friends out is hard, so from my point of view the way that rotary solve how exchange students in warsaw have the classes wasn´t the best one. Specially im sad and a little angry cause one of my dreams was going to a prom, or having a picture with all my polish classmates and I will never have one cause I don’t have a class.


Other think that I´m pretty sure didn’t happened to everyone but to me yes, is that im not really learning a lot of polish in the classes, sometimes the teacher goes to fast cause other understand better and she thinks that everybody understand in the same way, so its harder for me and there are somedays that I really don’t want to go but its better than stay in home.

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