I really love my family…

I really love my family…


This is third month here, in the other side of the world.


This is the third month of one of the most important and memorable years of my life. I had enjoyed almost every day here, I have to say that people were right; in fact, the year it is not a complete and 100% honey moon as I thought before coming to Poland. This is not because something is wrong, it is part of the process here, I dealt with my first missing crisis, which wasn’t a big deal they were only some little times of missing home and they weren’t intense. With this almost 100 days in Poland, I have turned more Mexican and patriotic than ever, but also more a citizen of the world.

The biggest challenge I have faced until now, is the people; people here are way different than in Mexico and maybe in all Latina America. I would say they are strange, but I bet they say the same thing about us, so let’s call it different. Sometimes I find kind of complicated when it is time to meet new people, since people from Mexico have kind of more confidence between us and we are maybe more calid, but suddenly they turn friendly enough but coming from nowhere again they are not. “Friendly” is not the appropriate word for it, polish people are very very friendly, but they are more cautious and patient when it is about new people, I am not explaining myself quite well but it is a little complicated.


Andres and Pablo are not my friends anymore, they are members of my family now, my brothers. My relationship with them is amazing, the fact that we share the same life situation and in the same time makes the connection even more special. They are extraordinary colleagues, they are not persons only to be chilling out, in parties, telling silly jokes or whatever things, we can speak with each other from the most serious or intelligent topic, to most stupid one and laugh to dead. I am sure I can find a helping and lovely hand with them in anytime.

I love being or hanging out with Erick and Carly, they are my “gringos”. They are super nice and funny and I found both them super smart. We come from three different countries, which makes the cultural crash super funny and interesting and as an extra thing, I am not learning a lot from the I country I am living in, also from my colleague’s ones. Apart from my Lodz friends, I actually keep close contact with a Mexican guy from Wroclaw, Alfonso; and with an Argentinian guy from Katowice, Lautaro. With both of them I speak using face time or just phone call once or twice a week.


I really love my family, we have had some problems, but they are quite normal, I mean tell me who doesn’t have them after living 100 days together 24/7. I am happy but I am also sad, because I know that whenever I change of family a whole new load of knowledge, culture and lovely people will arrive to my life, but with it I will finish this first period.

I will always remember Wilkowskis family, not only because they were my entrepreneurship partners in this adventure and because they were the first part of this life experience, it is mainly because with them I have found a new home and new hearts to live in at the other half of the world.


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