One magic place …

One magic place …



In those photos im going to introduce them my polish family, i share my family with my exchange student brother Joey. He`s from taiwan and I like him, because, he is very smart and solidary and understandable. I think he`s my young brother that always have in my life.



My family is composed for:

My mom Aleksandra (Ola). She is a good doctor. I like her because she is very understandable and cute.

My father Andrzej. He is a very good photographer and he`s very popular photographer in waszawa. I like him because he is nice and understandable.

My sister Ania and my brother Maciek. They are very smart and the same than me they are a exchange students and Ania now she is in Spain and Maciek is in Taiwan.

And the last,my brother Mateusz that He for now doesnt have exchange year.



One magic place (Bydgoszcz)



This lenguage camp was my first experience in Poland in the city of Bydgoszcz with others exchange students; in the first photo you can see only Mexicans exchange students with the same purpose, that is, foment the peace, joy, solidarity, and share the customs and traditions that Mexico has for the all world.



And in the second photo are the all exchange students as a family






In those photos i was in the culture palace and in old town with the all Exchange students. You can see that we are together as a family.







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