On the streets of Poland I could see deer running…

On the streets of Poland I could see deer running…

Hello, I’m Annie.

I stay in Poland already three month. Time it’s very fast.

When I first arrived in Poland, every street, scenery and food was interesting for me.

In my country we do not often use knives and forks, at first very unaccustomed, and I very often to look at my right hand and thinking how to use it.



And I was lucky, Because my host family’s cousin married so I attend a Polish wedding! Polish wedding and Taiwan’s wedding are very different, and it make me very surprise! Poland wedding it’s very fun, and in that wedding I first time to dance with another people, it was my favorite memory!



And the Warsaw meeting, where I met a lot of exchange student. Every exchange students from all over the world are very friendly, and many of them are come from my countries, and I very happy in this meeting I can met every exchange student! It’s very good for me!


One day I came with the host family and an exchange student to climb the mountain. After climbing the mountain, we went to the zoo!



The owls there are very well trained, perform very good, and the owls are very cute! Then I also saw a lot of deer in the zoo, it so funny!



And on the streets of Poland I could see deer running, and sometimes I could see other small animals hiding in the bushes. And it’s very interesting for me to find blueberries in the forest.

Later, we went on a mountain climb, and we found a lot of mushrooms. Because along the road everyone is looking for mushrooms, toxic, non-toxic all kinds of mushrooms, we also found a larger than the face of edible mushrooms!



Then there’s an exchange student’s mother who invites us to go to the mountains to pick up garbage. There is a lot of rubbish in the forest. It’s also the first time in my life that I’ve picking up trash in the forest, but it’s fun to help the nature.

And one day our exchange students host mothers took us to see a lot of castle ruins, a lot of super-beautiful view, until now I still remember!



Poland is a beautiful country, and the people of this country are very kind.

The view is beautiful, people are very friendly, this is what I like about Poland.


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