…on the ski trip to Austria.

…on the ski trip to Austria.


The second period of exchange was much better than the first. Zwłaszcza bo mój polski jest coraz lepiej! In december was Boże Narodzenie, which was amazing. Obviously the first time I spent it away from my family; while I was aware of the stark differences I never regretted missing out on my family’s celebration, I was happy to share polish traditions with my host family! It’s also a good thing I like herring…because there was plenty of it. I always tell people, whether they ask or not, that I love polish food and polish soup is the best in the world!

            I also want to talk for a minute about polish winter. I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed so far; it was worse where I lived in the US! Everyone who knows me knows I’m a viking, facebook, snapchat, tind…basically all of my social media is full of viking crap. I want ice dammit! I want my to have to thaw out my beard when I go inside! Toes? Screw ‘em, don’t need ‘em, feed the birds am I right? I guess I wouldn’t feel so bad if I wasn’t promised greatness in the first place. I know people think I’m a freak when I walk around with an unzipped sweatshirt, no gloves, boots, or hat; but Skaði must have forgotten about poland this year and I don’t have a goat to sacrifice. Now that my rant is over, I do want to say that I think poland is gorgeous covered in snow! One of my favorite snowy places was the palace in Białystok.



            In the beginning of January I went on the ski trip to Austria. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! The mountains were gorgeous (and the temperature was much colder), I had an amazing time there, and got even better pictures!



It was a great experience for all of us I think, between the long bus rides and free time at the hotel we all had an amazing time! At first, our ski lessons were somewhat frustrating because we stayed next to the parking lot rather than going up on the mountain, but once we were skilled enough to take the ski lift it was incredibly fun! I scared the teacher a few times I think, first off I kept yelling “full sends only” which I don’t think she ever fully understood.



Also I kept asking to do the large moguls, and she warned me that last time she let a group of brits do it and they had to airlift one of them down the mountain, understanding my opinion of british people, naturally I remained unswaithed. There were also several times where I saw a fall or collision was imminent and I just let it happen…she did not like that very much. But at the end she was happy and even took a picture with me mirroring my signature pose. I had a chance to practice my german as well, but only ordering food really. Overall, it was an amazing vacation and I’m happy I got to share it with some of the other exchange students, I only wish some more of them were there.



            I have a new host family now and they’re great. A brother, a sister, and a mother…and a cat, but uh, I don’t like cats. But they have a beautiful house and the buses here are better so I have a few more options during my free time. However, between the ski trip, spending a week with an exchange student going to the US next year, and visiting Jerry in Białystok, I didn’t spend that much time with them so far; but I will definitely change that…wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of knowing me better!



            I think that overall, my polish is better, I’m having a great time, and my exchange is going great! It’s more than halfway over and that’s honestly a little sad…especially because I’m returning to crippling student debt…but for now I’m having the time of my life!

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