Now I just have gotten used to my new life…

Now I just have gotten used to my new life…

Hi!My name is Yi-Hung CHEN,and you can call me Red or Steven.


I have been Poland for 2 months,and I can meet other exchange students from different countries.That’s my pleasure to know them and do some activities with them.

My host family is so nice and they take care of me well.

When I got this amazing country,I saw every things that differ in Asia.So it let me interested and excited.I have seen many church,castle,monument and museum.



I love history and Poland has let me see many historical story,let me know what happened in this country before and how did people saved their home

Poland is so great but I just couldn’t know every things about me life,like how to take bus,how to speak Polish.And I just couldn’t be used to Polish food a little.

Now I just have gotten used to my new life.

But when I attending class,I can’t understand and I just can ask my classmate and listen.

I hope I can learn Polish better through the Polish lesson after school.

And I hope I can be better in the future.



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