November 2016

November 2016

Almost two months have passed since I had come to Poland.

At the beginning I was very anxious. But now it is a lot of fun. Because I have very kind host family and friends. I was able to make many friends at my school.


Polish people are very interested in Japanese culture, Japanese food and Japanese anime. Some of my new friends from my school learn Japanese and they were very helpful to me at the beginning of my stay in Poland. I noticed that most people in Poland know many things about Japan.


With my host family I speak both Polish and English. But I still need to study more especially Polish. In addition to that I have to study English. I’m in a good living and educational environment. My host father speaks English and my host mother is teacher of Polish. So beside my own efforts in learning Polish my host mother teaches me every day. I try to do my best but Polish is really very difficult. I think I will also try to do bigger progress talking with my host sister in Poland. But now it is still too early for a small talk in Polish.


My problem can be described well with this example. My school has an emphasis on French. I am also studying French, but I don’t know exactly what the teacher is talking about. This is because while explaining French the teacher is using Polish. So I want to learn Polish as quickly as possible.


Nevertheless since I came to Poland I had a lot of fun. Polish cuisine is delicious, and the people are very kind.


What I dislike in Poland is that buses are often late 5 to even 10 minutes. It means that from time to time I am late to school. In Japan classes begin just on time when the bell rings, in Poland it is normal that classes begin 5 minutes after the bell rang. So, I am very surprised about how the time is used here.


There are also things that I find very sad. Once when I was in the downtown, I have seen two people who had been sleeping on the bench. They were completely drunk. Two other men were passing nearby those two drunk men. Then I saw that one of the passing men had had stolen the credit card from the pocket of this sleeping one. I had a very bad feeling about the whole situation. I talked about it to women who can speak Japanese. Just then the women said. “Bad people are stronger than the police in Poland. So, one should avoid bad people.” Such an experience is also included to my learning about Poland.


Beside Polish, English and French I am also studying Physical Education, Mathematics, Geography and Ethics. I have deepen the relationship especially with my friends attending the Physical Education.

I will do my best to learn to speak Polish. I want to talk in Polish about Japan to my friends. I will do my best to make my dreams come true.

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