November 2016

November 2016

So on the 24th was the Namesday of my Host Rafał, and then on the weekend, we stayed in the service of preparing the meals, on Saturday friends came to celebrate, and on Sunday the family, where I finally had the opportunity to meet the parents of the my Host mother. We went with school to watch a movie about Poland –  Wołyń. The good news is that Polish lessons began on Thursday (27) with Professor Joanna Duda, and because of the long delay for the beginning of classes, we will now have 4 classes per week, so that we are all prepared for the Rotary test in December …


My second visit to Warsaw was with school on the 28th, we visited the Museum of History of Polish Jews, we also visited the Jewish cemetery and returned to the city. On Saturday, Host Mother of Ryan, Ania, took us to see the Poznański Palace, where it is now the History Museum of the City of Łódź, and then went to lunch at the Polish Restaurant. November 1, All Saints’ Day, a little different from Brazil, is on this day, and not on the 2nd, when the faithful visit their loved ones to whom they have already gone, and together with the same tradition that we have in the Brazil, bring candles and flowers to the tombs, I was very moved.


Snow, a dream, and the winter is getting closer and closer, and that anxiety to „know” the snow only increases, until on the beautiful day 3/11 I see the weather forecast with a 50% chance and that’s when I could not pay attention in class anymore and just looked out the window. When we finished the classes, we left, and Renato and me had the happiness for 5 minutes of watching snow, of course it was not strong nor much, but very little, but even then it already gave that joy and we looked like two happy children with new toys, I can not express happiness, I can not wait for when it really starts to snow. On the weekend of the 7th, the exchangers: Emily Costa (Brazil) and Delaney Rueckl (USA) came to Łódź, we had a lot of fun.



I had the opportunity to talk and make a new friendship with Adrian’s Host Sister, Agata, we talked a lot and we started going out together, which is very good. On the 10th, after class, we were traveling to the mountains again, we arrived at night, and when it was midnight, I ran to call my father, Roberto Bernardi, who was on his 11th birthday, to hear his voice.



Day 11 is also the day of Polish Independence, on this day we went to Liberec in the Czech Republic. The other day another adventure, climb mountains. It’s not my favorite pastime, but the scenery is gratifying. The next day we went to Prague, and what a wonderful city, with less than a day in it, it is already one of my favorite and most beautiful cities, which I hope to return to be able to stay longer. Day 14, the day I could see a lot of snow, happiness was perceptible on my face, I played as a child. And so one more month has passed, is flying.



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