New Language

Since last time I write, Many thing happened during my exchange, making it even more exiting and great.

In december, I changed for the 2nd time familly, going to a lovelly familly in Stara Ochota , again near the centrum making everything close to me. I went to many concert and also for the fist time of my life to see a ballet in the opera. We also had the meeting in Wroclaw, it was a little hard for me because the cold were killing me, at wasnt at this times used to cold.

I went to a choir of friend of my host mum and that was really great because they were really friendly. Then Christmas come and I discover many traditions of Poland and did and ate (too many) pierniki.

Then I met my 1st real Polish fiend that I meet at least once a week. And I went to Austria who were one of my best experience. I discover skiing that I really love, I think i will go again. It was my 2nd time skiing and I wet few times to the red slope, I was pretty impresed of myself haha.

Unfortunately when I came back I had again to change family because they had a problem. Febuary were a pretty hard month, that in cause.

Now in my new host familly everything is going really well, they are really lovelly and we planned many thing, even i’m visiting my old one sometimes.

Then we sent to Krakow some days ago and it was the best trip i did : I think the exchange students are more mature and the trip were really well organised and so interesting, even it was hard to be again in Aushwitz.

For the language, I am pretty happy because I understand way better the language even I still have to do many progress, especially for talking because i’m shy to talk .

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