My school mates are the best people…

My school mates are the best people…


The best decision I have ever made in my life so far was putting Poland as my number one country that I would like to go on exchange. Ever since I found out that I will be coming to Poland everyone has asked me, Why Poland? I never really had any answer for why I chose Poland. The truth, when I saw that list of various countries I can exchange with something in my heart told me to put Poland down. And I am super happy that I did because in just the few months that I have been here I feel so at home, I feel like Poland is my home and I belong here. But what makes Poland so amazing isn’t just the country in itself but the people that live in such a beautiful country.


My school mates are the best people. On just my first few weeks in school I made so many friends and it was so nice of them to welcome me into their school and making me feel comfortable. The food here in Poland is so good. By far my favorite dishes have to be bigos, kebab, and of course pierogi. The group of exchange students that are here in Poland are the best group of people. They are all very opened people that are nice and super excited for what this year has to bring us.


But the most important this is my family. I was blessed with such an amazing family. They welcomed me into their house with open arms. They have given me so much love and they have made me feel so at home. I love them so much and am truly grateful for them.


I am so excited for what is to come this year and am so grateful to everyone I have met on my journey for making me feel at home and receiving me with open arms. Poland is truly an amazing place and I have fallen in love with this country and its culture.

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