My previous experience in Poland

My previous experience in Poland


Cześć, I am Paola Tirado from Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico and I want to let you know about my experience in this 3 months that I´ve been here in Poland. What I wanted to learn in this exchange was to start to be independent, know other culture, other language, other type of life, other traditions, other friends and have an amazing experience. I will say that I am trying to get all of this, it has been difficult but I know that I will grow like a person and have everything that I proposed.

My city in Poland is Kraków, what should I say? It´s AMAZING! I really love this city, it has a lot of culture and things to do. I enjoy a lot walking in the center and in the streets. Also I get accustomed to move by bus and tram and I like it.





And don´t talk about my host family, is the best one, they are so kind, nice, lovely and they make me part of the family. I love to talk with them and be in their home.



The exchangers this year are so nice, I have a very good relationship with many of them and they are very friendly. I have a great time with them, fun and great. It is incredible to meet people from other countries completely different from you and create ties with them, which will be for a lifetime. That’s what Rotary does, connect the world.



It was a great coincidence that my best friend from Mexico has come to Poland too, it is super because we share many things. Similarly, 2 years ago my family and me were the host family of a Polish exchanger who was in Mexico in my city and came to visit me to my city, I missed her a lot and it’s great to see her more often.



About the food, it´s so delicious, that´s why I gained 4 kilos in 2 months. I like everything, also food that I didn´t liked.



We celebrate a famous and important tradition of Mexico, „DÍA DE MUERTOS”; Rotary exchangers and AFS exchangers of Kraków went out this day, it was great.



The places I’ve known are very beautiful, I love meeting new places and mainly enjoy and take advantage of this great opportunity.



On November 1 and 2 I went with my host family to visit the cemeteries where their relatives are. I found it very interesting, very nice and cheerful cemeteries with flowers, candles and objects. It is something very similar to what we do in Mexico, I had a very nice activity.



I had the opportunity to go to Prague, Czech Republic, thanks to my host family and I went with my host mom. A beautiful place, I was delighted with that city, I really enjoyed it and met another country in Europe. I loved that trip and I hope I can do more to know more places and increase my knowledge. I am so grateful.



In spite of everything, it is difficult to be in another country in which you do not know the language, the culture and to be away from everything but it is something that makes you grow as a person and see the world from a different point of view and anyone can achieve what they proposed.



It has been difficult to adapt to the language cause it´s a complicated language but I know I can learn it and that is what I want. Equally, adapting to school has been complicated but there comes a point where you get used to and learn a lot from everything.



I am very grateful with Rotary, with my family and my host family for this exchange and help me make the most of it.

I really like Poland and I will continue to learn many things from this great country.


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