This is my first time in Poland, I was really nervous and looking forward to everything. Before I came to Poland, I thought the Polish people would be self-righteous because they were from Europeans. After I came here, I discovered they are different than I think, although they are shy but at least they are friendly. This is why I like my city so much.



This is my host family. Basically, there are four people in my family but my host brother went to the US to be an exchange student last month. My host parents gave me full of love, they are really care about my feeling and my host sister is a very nice person, too.



We often take care of each other, sometimes I talk to her about some psychological things. By the way, she said she likes my cook, I think she is lying to me but then she proved that she really likes it so, I trust her. Anyway, I like my host family so much.





 This is my D2231 of Poland, we are from different countries and people in my district are very enthusiasm, friendly and crazy. One month ago, we went to the language course in Bydgoszcz. In my opinion, this course lets us know the history of Poland and a bit Polish. In the last two days, we spend time in Warsaw-the capital city of Poland, this is a beautiful city especially the old town, I totally fall in love with the old town.




This is my club: RC Chelm


In my club, every uncle and auntie are friendly and warm. They often asked me about my feeling, they always told us they just want us to be happy in this country. I never feel alone,because everybody give me full of love, I really appreciate.



There are 24 people in my class. Most of the people, they can’t speak English. Alough they can’t speak, but they never discriminate against me because I’m Asia. Everything is great in school so far, the only problem is, people are too shy and afrid to speak English. By the way, this photo was taken two weeks ago during the class trip.’



These two are my best friend in the class. One of them can speak English and the other can’t speak English, we often use translate.

Last week, I went to Zamość.



In my opinion, this is a cool and beautiful city, there are a lot of history building. My friend’s host parents rented a headset with the service center, and that headset will tell us the history of each building. It’s very interesting!

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