My last report

This is my last report, I just came back two days ago to France.

The end of my exchange were really great even sometime not that easy.

I went to my new host family at a bad moment for me I think because it was soon my birthday and I didn’t felt that great but I made many new friends and that was great, We had lots of good moments such as piknik, bike rides, and many walks.

With my host familly we went to the countryside in a tiny village wich I love, we were in a small house with a huge mantelpiece and a huge garden. We went twice there, once during easter, it was really cold and no leaves on the trees and the second time during the beggining of may, and that so hot! we met friends and practice badminton (but i’m quite terrible at it). And in top of that: I turned 18 during this trip! My host parents made a surprise for me and bought an Ocarina that i was obsessed with. I have to say that this is really hard to play! We also visited Mazury, all of those lacks were just beautiful, the weather was also compleating the magic of this trip because it was sunny and for a boat trip it is the best weather.

Then also with my host familly we went to so many concert that I cannot count how many, every of them were amazing, mostly jazz and I just love it.

I went also again twice to the opera with my third host familly and the last time we went to see „Carmen” wich is one of my favorite one.

2 weeks before my departure I had a trip to meet all the exchange student to Spala, that was a emotional trip and a little weird for me because they were closer to each other with the Eurotour and I didnt went to this one. Even with that I had unforgetable moments.

Then One of my friend from France came to see me and we went to so many differents places in Warsaw such as the Hargar wich is a trampoline place and a escape room. and we went kayaking, because of that i had huge sunburnt on my thighs, we sucks really.

And then, the last day arrive so quickly, I came back on the 19 june at 6.40. And im really greatfull to two of my friends who came, I thought i would be alone because it was really early, Thanks Milly and Kuba.

I wanted to thank everyone for my exchange, thank you everyone for accepting me and made me grow (not height of couse, always as small). I open my mind on the world and on this different culture wich i nedded at that momen of my life.

Thank Rotary and all my host familly who did a lot for me.

So thats the end for me of that incredible exchange and do zobaczenia

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