My first month in Poland has been an adventure…

My first month in Poland has been an adventure…


I arrived in Poland on august 17th, I was so excited to finally being in this country after 23 hours of trip. In the airport was my officer Maria and my host family. In my first day in Poland they took me to meet all the family in the summerhouse. I been in there for 5 days with the family without internet. Was so nice being there in the middle of the forest, eating polish food every day, going cycling in the mornings and to the forest with my little host brother and my host cousin. My host uncle took me to meet the Ciechanów castle and Pułtuski.

After the week in the summerhouse my dad took me to the rotary meeting where I meet at all the exchange students and we spend a funny and interesting time. It was so nice to finally have internet and meet a lot of new friends in there. In this weekend I could finally meet my new city, Warsaw. I felt in love with the architecture and all the things that Warsaw have to give. I was so excited because of I knew that it will be my city for 10 months.

I spend some free time and then I started to the polish class. For one week the teacher took us to meet Warsaw, we meet a los of interesting and beautiful places. The teacher only speak polish, so we needed to put our best to understand her. At the beginning it was so hard but every time I can understand more and more. We had some problems with her, but we talk with our host parents and they talked with her and I think we are better. The polish language has been a big challenge for me, I have problems to understand a lot of things, but I know that is normal and that in some months I will be able to speak polish.

My fist month in Poland has been an adventure, I meet a lot of interesting places, like the old town, the palace of culture and science and many others. Also, I felt in love with polish food like pierogi, pomidorowa, zapekanka, kiełbasy, and a lot of new and delicious things that I ate in Poland. I’m so excited for my year of exchange here in Warsaw and I’m so happy to be here. I love my family, my city and my new friends, everything is going very well.

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