My first report

Good morning, this is my January report, I can not help but feel nostalgic when I count the time I have been here and I remember everything I have gone through, and I think about how I am doing now.
I consider that I have a good relationship with my host parents, we have many conversations, we laugh together and I really like spending time with them.
We went on a trip together, and I got to know a new country (Lithuania), it’s beautiful.
The Polish language is not easy, I have good days and bad days when it comes to expressing my ideas.
Sometimes I can hold a talk, and sometimes I can not understand a phrase.
I do not consider myself bad with the language honestly, although I know that I still have a lot to learn to be able to master it, I am sure that will be much better soon.
I think there are all kinds of relationships with my teachers, there are those who are really interested in my learning, and on the other hand we have the opposite case.
I have no bad relationship with any, however, of course I would like to spend more hours with my favorites. 😆
I have no problem, this experience has been great, although I would like to get to know more without a doubt.
I am expectant to know what is coming for these next months, and I really want to meet more wonderful people like the one that is now part of my life.
I do not know what tests come later, but I sure can overcome them soon.
I can only enjoy all that remains. 😁

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