My Experience in Poland – Coming to an End

My Experience in Poland – Coming to an End

As I’m writing this, I only have 5 weeks left in Poland. My experience over the past 11 months has been incredible. I’ve been able to do so many things; from travelling Europe to sailing in Żywiec, visiting Auschwitz to baking gingerbread in Toruń. I have enjoyed every moment of my exchange, and the memories I have made will stay with me for the rest of my life.



As my time in Kraków, Poland slowly comes to a conclusion, I find myself reflecting on some of the best, and worst, moments of my exchange. I have been lucky to meet so many amazing people this year, from two groups of exchange students from around the world and from Poland itself. I have had the chance to visit Germany Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania; more countries than I could have imagined, and I’m so grateful.



This year has definitely not been easy all the time. Having to say goodbye to the 2018-19RYE group broke my heart, but meeting the 2019-20RYE students has been amazing too. With every challenge I have encountered I have grown and changed as a person. This year has shaped me into a much better, stronger, smarter person.

As much as I have struggled to learn Polish this year, I am so appreciative that I got the opportunity to learn a language in such a great way, being immersed into the culture and life of a country really gives you a great view of that language and the people who speak it.



Coming to Poland on my Rotary Youth Exchange has, in no doubt, been the best decision I have ever made. I wouldn’t change anything about this year and wish I could stay longer. Dziękuję bardzo!


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