Monthly Report: August 2017

Monthly Report: August 2017


I have come back from the Bydgoszcz language camp with ease. I felt that I accomplished a significant amount toward my language learning goals and that I am on the right track. I made many friends and my blazer and I gained ten pounds! From the exam scores I now know what I need to study and what I know. I will need to take mandatory Polish language classes after school for six months, so I need to contact Rotary about this. I am excited for school to begin on September fourth and am even more excited to continue on the rigorous language learning structure that the camp in Bydgoszcz has made standard.



My host family has made my transition amazing. They answer all of my questions and are some of the sweetest, and most accepting people I have met in my life. I have not had any trouble with my host family. They have established rules and I feel completely safe in this environment. I have no trouble getting what I need daily and my host sister is showing me around the city. I love that they speak Polish to me and are patient when I have no idea what they are saying.


Rotary Assignments:

To my knowledge my Rotary assignment is to attend a meeting the first Monday of each month and to bring my monthly report. I plan to buy a calendar this weekend so I can be sure to stay on top of these assignments. I am also waiting on information emails from Rotary about the Youth Exchange trips. When I receive these emails I will take the appropriate steps. So far I don’t have many assignments and I am handling my responsibilities well.



Currently my problems during exchange are few and far between. I have not run into a problem that wasn’t solved almost immediately. I am feeling confident and bardzo dobrze about things generally. I don’t have much home sickness at all so far except for missing and worrying about my dad. For the most part I am keeping myself much too busy to miss anything from home.



My goals at the start of my exchange were to learn as much Polish as possible, to visit the major historical and art museums in Poland, to learn how to cook a traditional Polish meal, and to keep up with journaling. So far my host grandmother is planning to teach me how to make pierogi, I have already been to some major museums, I have completed an intense language camp, and I have been journaling and noting in the evenings.  So, although I have not had to adjust my goals yet, I feel like I am accomplishing what I need to. I hope to improve my goals as well as my monthly reports.

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