Moje pierwsze 3 miesiące

Moje pierwsze 3 miesiące



Mam na imię Juan Pablo nazywam się Herrera. Jestem z Meksyku. Mam siedemnaście lat. Hi. My name is Juan Pablo, my surname is Herrera. I’m from México and I have Seventeen years old.

I arrived on August 21, 2019 to the City of Kraków, Poland where I am currently living. I have 3 and a half months since I arrived. One of the reasons why I decided to take this exchange was because I wanted to know a new country, new cultures and traditions, new people and of course a new language and a new history.

Now I will tell you about my stay in Poland: since the first day I arrived everything has been very nice because my host family, the exchangers of my city and other host families were waiting for me at the KRK Airport, they welcomed me with some gifts from Poland and With a big poster, that same day they took me to see the city of Krakow and then we had a Polish meal in the house.









The third day I was here in Poland I went with the other exchange students to the city of Warsaw because there we had our first meeting with all the exchange students in Poland. Those days were so great, I really enjoyed and I make good friends there.


Everything has been very good, I known new places, new types of architecture and different traditions different from Mexico. One of the most difficult things I have been through in Poland is the language but I am making an effort to learn it.I

love my host family, they are so nice, they are always taking care of me and every weekend the are going to different places near my city and also far away. But I’m really having a good time with them and I’m so grateful that they are my host family.

And this is the Kraków Team, it is the best Team of all. The exchange boys who are in my city are: a girl from Colombia (Gabriela), a girl from Mexico (Paola), A girl from Australia (Lily) and a boy from USA (Thomas).



And I’ll finish with this beautiful photo (Taking by me) of the Main Square of Kraków.


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