Mój drugi Kraj.

Mój drugi Kraj.

Dzien Dobry/ Dobry wieczór.


Jestem Vinicius, może mnie pamiętasz! jeśli mnie nie znasz, jestem z Brazylii i to jest mój trzeci miesiąc w Polsce.

So, i´ve been working in presentations about my country last month, and that´s why i didn´t do the last report.

These months it´s being really awesome. I already visit almost 15 different cities, lot of museums and knowledge places… Now, I´m getting closer to  my classmates in school, they are being really cool and helpful with me. By now, I didn´t had any kind of problem, and I just have reasons for smile here! 🙂



Before of anything, I need really to thank my Family. Brzezinski is not only a basic host, but it is  my second Family! They are the bests, I swear! Are just helping a lot, and making me feel a normal family member. I can say that I am brzezinski right now!






This is me in Toruń. We went there and had a lot of fun. This city it´s really beautiful, and it was the city where one of my favorites physicists lived,  Nicolaus Copernicus.



After Toruń, we went to Gdańsk. Really beautiful city too! In my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in poland. I enjoyed a lot there.



Next Picture, next city. This is me in Gdynia, a port city that I went after Gdańsk!



And finally, Sopot! I just love there. As brazilian, I love beaches and this city really took my atenttion. I wanted to jump in the sea this day, but was 4°C or 5°C, so it wouldn´t be a good idea! The pier in Sopot has a really beautiful view for the coast. Just loved there!!!

This weekend my Family took me to these 4 cities, it was basically AMAZING!



Just more this Picture because I love food, mainly polish food. This is a fish called Flądra that I ate in sopot. Bardzo smaczna!!



I also went to Malbork, just the biggest castle in Poland (and maybe in the Europe). It is really big, the gardens inside really beautiful. Malbork it´s almost a city. We took 3h30min to know the whole castle. It is impressive for me cause was built in 1406 and Brazil has not been discovered yet.



Oh, I also rode a horse in this weekend (my face of happiness).



This is Łódź team in Poznań. In that Picture we are eating a tipical sweet – rogale Swietego Marcina from Poznań, bardzo smaczne! I also Found out that “Ziemniaki” can be called “Pyry” there. This city has almost his own dialect.



I went to the biggest salt mine in the world, Wieliczka!! Really, really big and salty. There are monuments inside made with the salt rocks, like this in the Picture, honor to one of the most important polish people, Józef Piłsudski.



After Wieliczka, i´ve been in Krakow! Wow, this city it´s basically amazing. Just loved there, so beautiful. I really enjoyed Krakow!!



And Fortunately, we could meet our friends in krakow!! It was a amazing meeting with them, I had been missing them, But still I really miss all of my friends here in poland, I really can´t wait or Wrocław meeting.


To były moje kolejne miesiące w Polsce. Dziękuję za wszystko Polska!

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