May’s weekend

Another diferente polish holyday / vacation is the “Weekend Majowy”. It is during the first week of May, where there are two different important dates; the Work’s day (May, 1st) and the Dzień Konstytucji 3 Maja – Constitution Day (May, 3rd).

As the dates are really close, polish schools usually give the whole week off, for the students enjoying more and have time to travel somewhere or visit relatives.  For me, as I only have the Work’s day, was a funny surprise!

During this small vacation, me and my host parent went to the Polish mountains, Sudety, on the border with the Czech Republic. We stayed with their local friends in a Small village called…

There, I visit some mountains and castles, learned more about an artist life (because their friend is a painter!) and saw beautiful views and landscapes.

Another beautiful part of Poland that I have the honor to visit and I’m really glad for it!

Therefore, during all this trips around the country, I noticed that polish people love visit their own nation, everything even the small villages, because every place is different and has its own traditions. It’s a special thing that they have here, and this is one of the many details that are different from my country, but make Poland and polish people who they are!

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