A lot of things happened in this last 2 months, and the experience gets more and more intense as the time passes. It might be weird but I haven’t feel homesick since I arrived. Of course I miss my family and friends back home, but life in Poland has been so good that I feel now like if I’ve being here for years.


Miałem przyjemność poznać więcej polskiej rodziny, Babcia, Dziadek i Ciocia mieszkają w ładnym mieście. “Wałbrzych” jest w górach. Zwiedzając polskich gór  odkryłem, że Polska na jesienią jest piękniejsza. Btw i need more Oscypek in my life, polish cheese from the south is delicius.

Besides bounding with my host family, october and november were very useful to connect with my friends from Kopernik (my amazing polish school) and Kalisz. Making even more new friends too!!

Ze przyjaciółmi mojej klasy, zrobiliśmy imprezę Halloweenową i poznałem Swięto Zmarłych. This celebration is completely different to “Day of the deaths” from Mexico. During this time, graveyards are iluminated by hundred of candles that families that go to remember their lost relatives. It totally worths there on this time of the year.



11 listopada we celebrated “Dzień niepodległości”, the independence day of Poland, and this time was 100 years from freedom. Moje rodzice brali mnie do Warszawy, and we took part on the march for independence. It was a great experience and it’s always a pleasure to visit Warsaw.




One of the best things of my school in Poland has been “Noc w Liceum”. A night at the end of november where we spent from 6pm to 6am at school, imprezują, tańcząc i and makinf friendship. I have to mention that my class has made a Mexican night during “Noc w liceum” ad it was great! also I learned and fell in love of “Belgijka”, a dance from Belgium which is quit popular in polish schools and had a lot of fun dancing it with my friends.


I really love my school.

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