January 2017

January 2017

Christmas and New Year, a time for me very important, when 17 years of my 18, I always went to my grandmother’s house, where all the relatives on the part of mother and father meet, and for the first time would be with people which I met this year and away from my family.


On the 20th, we had a small presentation for Rotary, sang Christmas songs in Polish, as well as in our native languages.

Thursday, the 22nd, we had the closing of classes, and a small supper with class. Day 24 was the day of the preparations, we made the meals, among them I made Brigadeiro and Pão de Queijo – brazilian food – and when it got around 6:00 pm, we met at my grandmother’s house for supper. Different also, is that by the Catholic tradition, we can not eat meat in Wigilia, and also we can not drink alcohol, but I loved the tradition and the Christmas that I had with my new family.


And for the New Year, I went to visit my friend Gabriela Wanzuit, who is in Tychy / Katowice, and the other exchange students in the city.

Day 5 was a day I had been waiting for a long time, the day when my father’s Brazilian friends would go to Warsaw and I would go and visit them. Two couples came with their children. I loved to spend these hours with them and tell a little of my experience here.



Day 6 to 8, I went to visit Krakow with my family, the expectations were huge and I was very anxious because it is a city that everyone says that love. And on the way we also stopped to visit Jasna Góra. Remember when I expected the „famous” -20 degrees ?? I was able to witness this weekend as well and I sure do not want that feeling again. Very cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A cold that burns the skin, did not feel my nose, my whole face; two socks, warm boot and did not feel my feet. But even so I loved the city, visited several places and spontaneously in the street I found a friend from Rotaract, Ania, and we could talk a little.



Day 8 was Renato’s birthday, so late in the afternoon when I arrived from Krakow, I stayed at his house and slept, so we could watch movies and enjoy.
Second was the Rotary meeting, a bit different from the ordinary, we went to a meeting in a children’s home, we played with them and it was very good, because since I ‘left’ Interact for having reached the age of 18, I had no more participated in projects involving Community and having fun and making children smile, I was feeling fantastic.

On the 12nd, sad day, for the last time we were, Renato, Adrian, Will and I together, since Adrian is already leaving for Australia. We went to a restaurant, played pool and had fun. I’ll miss him a lot.

For the first time I made my snowman and also a snow dog. The snow is very enchanting to me, the landscapes, everything very beautiful, I never get tired of taking photos and more photos.



And already five months are gone, and with them a lot of good memories. Certainly the best year of my life.

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