It has been a very interesting month …

It has been a very interesting month …


Dzień Dobry, Jestem Abby (Good morning, I am Abby).


I have been in Poland for more than 3 months now; a lot has changed. So many new, exciting, and bad things have happened. Since we last talked I said that I was planning on a Halloween idea for my host family. I did decide to do this. I ordered Halloween decoration’s such as balloons, spider webs, lights, and etc. In Poland there is nothing in the stores. The older people don’t like Halloween and the kids like it so there are some small costumes. On Halloween day my youngest host brother (Alex) and his friends went around trick or treating. But it’s not common. The weekend before Halloween, we decorated the dining room and also carved pumpkins. My youngest host brother (Alex) especially liked this because it was the first time that he ever carved a pumpkin. My host mom (Ewa) was also surprised because it was her first time ever seeing such decorations. We also made cupcakes and decorated them. They really liked that I did this with them and I did too. I plan on having a Thanksgiving party soon. I plan on this Thanksgiving party to really big. I intend on inviting my school friends, host parent’s friends, family, and exchange students. I am really excited for this party because everyone will be able to experience Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Poland.


            It has been a very interesting month because a lot has happened such as that I injured my knee. I typically would have Judo on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really like the classes, but one day I got kicked in my knee really hard. Instead of taking a break to rest; I didn’t. I still went to Judo, the gym (almost every day), did Zumba, and ran. So, my knee got worse. I did go to the doctor last week and he said that my knee cap is pushed off to the side. He said that I shouldn’t go upstairs, twist, do judo, or run for 4 weeks. I was sad, but also glad. I was glad to find out no surgery and all I had to do is take medicine, do physical therapy, and wear a knee brace. But now my knee is getting better. Which means that I still ride my bike to school even though it hurts and it’s 30 degrees outside.


Nothing has changed at school. I still don’t do anything. I basically study my SAT and ACT books. I’m still on the regular schedule of polish language classes. My polish is getting better. I can understand a few things and answer. The polish language is hard, but some of the sounds are like Spanish which makes it easier. My host family are helping me with polish. We play board games (in polish and English) together, watch tv, and etc. My host mom (Ewa) sits down with me to help me pronounce words and review. My youngest host brother (Alex) listens to me pronounce the words in polish and he thinks it’s funny how I think some words are hard. At this point in my exchange I can say that with this host family I find them to be part of my family. They treat me really good and they are nice. Even in July when they visit their son in Illinois; they also plan on visiting me too. I also like it that every night we all sit down at the kitchen table and talk about our day. I really like this. I only have 2 and half months left with this host family and then I switch. I still don’t know how to feel about this. So, I hope for the next upcoming months they are also packed with fun experiences.

Which that I say do widzenia (good bye).

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