I celebrated my birthday in Poland!

I celebrated my birthday in Poland!




My name is Kloe Burg and I’ve been in Poland for almost 6 months now! Time has gone by so fast! Not much has happened since the last update.

We had our Christmas meeting in Wroclaw, which was so much fun! We also had our language test there, which was kind of stressful for me personally.



But I passed my test! After that I switched host families, and the change has been amazing! I have 3 host sisters that are all around my age, and it’s wonderful! I am kind of stressed out about switching to my 3rd family after Eurotour though. They are in Siedlce, which is about an hour from Biala Podlaska, so I will be switching schools and towns all in one trip!



Speaking of Eurotour! I am so excited to finally see other countries! Don’t get me wrong I love Poland, but I can’t wait to see what other countries have to offer. We also have our last meeting in Krakow coming up in March too! There are so many new and exciting things coming up and I am beyond excited to experience them! I am loving every part of my exchange right now :))

p.s. I forgot to mention my birthday and Christmas! I celebrated my birthday in Poland!



I had such a fun time with my friends and family! Shortly after my birthday was Christmas. It was so cool to see how families in Poland celebrate Chrismas! All of the different traditions, foods, and just fun stuff overall! Such a great experience.

Attached are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months!

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