That was the first time i went to Warsaw with my family. In the picture is only my mother, Monika, but there also were my father, Janusz, and my little brother Bartek. We were visiting the Warsaw’s old town and a little of Warsaw’s center.




That was the turn to visit Warsaw with my exchange students, we were visiting the old town, we went to a museum and also we went upstairs of “Culture Palace”, this was the best activity of the day, because we saw all the city from there. But I also liked to visit the old town because we had free time to buy and to visit by ourselves.




This was one of my favourite weekends. Me, two exchange friends, and my brother’s friends, went to Energy Land (A theme park). We were a entire day on it and we had freedom to play what we wanted.




After Energy Land we went to a big church so near from it.



Was so nice, because  my brother’s friends are so funny, and we learned a lot of new polish words.


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