My first semester in Poland…

My first semester in Poland…



Here is my report about my exchange in Poland!


My first semester in Poland

I arrived here on August, 7th, 2017 at the Warsaw airport. Of course I was scared about having a new family, a new house and a new language. But, in the moment that I saw my Tata and Mama I knew that everything would  be all right.


During this 5 months I travelled more than I expected, met people from all around the world and friends that I will take with me for my whole life! Zakopane, Krinica Morska, Mazury Lakes, Torun, Wroclaw and Bydgoszcz were some of the amazing cities that I had the pleasure to visit. This places are all around Poland what make them be with different cultures and atmospheres.


My school here is bilingual, what helps to understand and make new friends. I go to the normal classes and we (me and the exchange students from Warsaw) have two hours per day of polish. And, of course, I get lost sometimes on the huge building!


My host family, as I said, are amazing. I have my tata, mama, brat, siostra and ciotka. In my house we have dogs, cats, chickens, lizard and a lot more! They are really making me part of the family .


I got really surprise about the polish food, witch I thought it was “weird”, but now is one of my favorites. Also about the religion and the people. Polish people are nice all the time with you, making you feel better and always going to church (for me is something nice because I’m catholic too)!


Cold it’s been a different experience for me. Even that I lived my entire life on the coldest part of Brazil, the south. But I’m trying to enjoy as much as I can!

This was a small report about my five months in Poland, actually in the capital, Warsaw. My exchange is fantastic and I’m exciting for this new semester and everything that I will life here!


I ’m thankful for Rotary, my district 4640, my host district 2231, my sponsoring and host Rotary clubs and everybody who made this possible and is making my stay in Poland unforgettable!


Thank you very much,

Ana Carolina Grande

Exchange student from Brazil to Poland

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