February was nice, I went to Katowice to hang out with friends. Had a great time in Austria as well. I have been to the uprising and national museums this month. The weather blows but at least I have a new host family. I also went to the Rotary Sobieski Charity Ball and took pictures and met new people, great fun. Also went to the Kopernik museum. Still adjusting to my new surroundings. Rembertow is a little out of the ordinary but I think it will do. The fam is fun especially my new host brothers. A member of Rotary took me to see his private collection of Soviet era stuff and it was really neat. I could not image living in those times… Really fantastic museum though, i got the opportunity to see a lot of neat stuff like phones, computers, and clothes. Also I ran a 5k one morning and it was a lot of fun. I can surmise from the events theme that it was about Polish insurgents from the 40s to the 80s. neat stuff. I tried renting a bike in Warsaw and it was the most fun Ive had all year- a friend and I took a tandem bike out for a ride on Sunday evening; absolutely beautiful. Other than that I have been in Lodz and that was something neat. I wish I could have seen what it looked like before the second world war. Also I went to see a polish opera and that was something else, quite interesting.

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