February 2017

February 2017

A trip in Slovakia for a week to ski. On the 21st, in the morning, we set off for Terchová. After 6 hours, with fantastic scenery, even more beautiful with the snow, and then we arrived at our final destination. This week, we stayed in a house, 11 people, leaving a very pleasant atmosphere always, since I like places with many people and full of noise. A nice opportunity also to get better with my Polish. Every day we ate together, talk a lot and play a lot of games. The first day we started early, so in the morning we went skiing. Something completely different from what we have in Brazil. I had an instructor for an hour, I was on children’s part, all between 4-10 years, and me, with my 18 years. Besides this instructor, the others who were in the house helped me a lot by giving me tips and following up.


On the second day, I decided to start on a 600-meter mountain, I went up with my parents and realized that it was not a good idea, I was nervous, I was desperate as a child saying that I could not and did not want to go down, so uncle Michał came, and he calmed me down and helped me go down every millimeter, but surely, thousands of tumbles!! I went down, up, down again, up, tumbles and more until it started to get a little better. I had a lot of fun during this week, and for sure it was one of the best trips of my life.

Hot, a word that has not been in my day-to-day life for a long time. I miss those days when I wore shorts, I did not need coats, gloves, cap …

My mother went to work in Gdynia, so Basia and I went together, so that I could visit there, Sopot and Gdansk. We met with the exchange students there, and visited there for two days. It was a thrill to see the beach after more than a year (even not being able to get into the water because of the cold). But I really enjoyed being there.



Sunday, the 12th, I went with Renato’s family to a thermal pool. -7 degrees, -13 the feeling, and we were there, warm body and head out of the cold water, but we had so much fun.


From the 17th to the 20th were wonderful days, four of my friends came to visit me and stay with me at the weekend, among them the Brazilians: Emily, Gabriela and Thais, and Emilie from USA. It was a weekend of lots of fun.

And so, 6 months have already passed and with that more than half of my exchange is gone…


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