My Family is the best family I could ask for

My Family is the best family I could ask for


HI! My name is Gaby de León and I´m from Guadalajara, Mexico!

Now I´m living in Tychy, Poland!


I arrive to Poland on August 18th. It was a long trip and I was really nervous but also exited to start this new experience.

When I saw my new family I knew from begin I will be really happy with them.

The first days it was a little bit weird to wake up in other room, an other house, etc.


It was time to go to Bydgoszcz for the Polish camp, we spend a week there, and meet all the exchange students that came to Poland.

Polish language is hard but we had a great time and we meet some cool places. It was sad to say goodbye to all the people that I meet there.

A few days after the camp it was time to start school, at the begging it was hard, not knowing anyone, everything it was too different, also people were a little bit scare to talk in English cause they didn’t want to make any mistake while there were talking, but at the end some people lose that fear.

My Family is the best family I could ask for, I love them soo much I feel really lucky to have them and my mom is really good at cooking!!

In a few weeks we will go to London with my family and other friends, im exited because visit London it was always one of my dreams.



London was amazing!

All the buildings and the views are really pretty. We visit some museums and tourist places like the Tower Bridge, The Big Ben but this was under reconstruction. Using the under ground was a new experience its amazing how easly you can  travel by such a big city.

I have also visit a lot of cities in Poland thanks to my family. Poland in my opinion it  has the most amazing views, especially if you go to the mountains, but in the city you can find incredibles views most of them in the center of every city.

I have seen my friends a few times cause they live in different cities and I wish I could see them more.




It has been almost 5 moths in Poland, my polish is still not to good but I hope that will change soon.

I saw snow for the first time and it was really cool! I love it!

Christmas with my family was really nice.

My life in Poland has been great! I had meet incredible people and learn so much.

Soon I will change families, I will miss my family a lot, they had been so nice and lovely to me!

I´m also exited to live with my new family I know it will be a great time too.



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