Exploring the world…

Exploring the world…


These past 2 months have been one massive roller coaster. I can imagine how many past, current, and future exchange students have used that phrase to describe everything on one sweeping gesture. Its not very original, but its absolutely, unequivocally, true.


It’s been over 2 months now and everything is just spinning by faster than ever before. My mind is constantly in motion without ever stopping. I have the pleasure to live in Warsaw with 10 other exchange students. Gaia (Italy), Linne (Finland), Joao (Brazil), Rita (Taiwan), Grace (Taiwan), Joey (Taiwan), Kai (Japan), Ferran (Spain), Leonardo (Mexico).



We’ve all bonded really well and love to spend time together, have adventures, experience new things, and support each other when the lows wander in. I’m closest with another student who is from Brazil, named Joao (sort of pronounced Joo-ow) and a girl from America (unfortunately she does not live in my city, but in Gdansk) named Molly, who I have already been lucky enough to get to visit her in Gdansk a few weeks ago.



My school has been a bit of a challenge, not because its hard and I have a lot of work, but because our school does not particularly enjoy the fact or care that we are there all that much. Our polish teacher has been no less than a disaster. It does baffle me how someone who has dedicated their lives to teaching can dislike kids so much. The polish style of teaching is unfortunately one of a humiliation and 'putting you down’ tactic (ex. telling the students they are stupid and being angry when a student requires a bit of extra help). I have been battling with this and it has certainly put a damper on the situation, BUT, I am confident it can be resolved. My host family, who I absolutely adore, is incredibly supportive and helpful, so I do not think this will carry on much longer.





My host family and I are planning a trip sometime soon in November, I am thinking it will be near my Birthday (Nov. 20th) and I am INCREDIBLY excited. I certainly enjoying the close proximity in Europe. I have not been to many places yet, but I am excited to start traversing this vast continent.


Exploring the world, Zara Forsland

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