Everything in school is good…

Everything in school is good…

It has been over two months since I arrived in Poland but it feels like it has gone by so fast and I cannot believe it.



Everything in school is good I have a few friends and I seem to be getting along well with the teachers.



My host family is great I made pancakes for my host mom the other day and though I made a couple of mistakes and had to improvise for some stuff they turned out great. I have also made carrot cake and apple pie with friends of my host family they are also very nice.



My host parent also took me and the exchange student from Brazil, Roberto. On a trip around Poland. We  ate goose liver which was not bad, we had the #1 Pirogies in Poland and much more. We went to Krakow and saw parts of the city as well as surprise fireworks. We then saw the beautiful Polish country side and last but definitely not least we stayed a night i an amazing castle. It was a really good trip and I am thankful that my host parents took me.




Right now I plan on improving my Polish and hopefully exploring more of Poland. I also cannot wait for a lot of snow.


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