Easter in Poland

What can I say? It really surprised me because, as I am catholic in Brazil, I thought that It would be same, but I was wrong. Poland is a special country and has it’s owns traditions, especially about the catholic holydays.

First of all, at least in Warszawa, almost everyone goes somewhere else to spend these days, usually to some relatives’’ or friends’ houses. Then, the Wielcanoc (Easter, in polish) starts at Thursday and goes until Monday or Tuesday. In my country, Brazil, we have from Friday to Sunday, so for me was almost like a vacation here!

Also, polish people goes to church every day during these day, sometimes more than once a day! I really didn’t expect this, due to the fact that I just go on Sunday.

My  host family and I went to Mazury during the holyday. There, we also prepared our own Easter Eggs, and guess what? They were real eggs, not chocolate ones. Here they are called Pisanki and they are very colorful.

I was a great time and glad to learn another important part of polish culture!

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