As time passes by, I feel like I have been here for longer than I actually have; and, at the same time, I see the end of my exchange very near. I attribute this to the immense amount of experiences and events that I go through every week. This month, I travelled far and wide. I visited the cities of Kraków and Warsaw, as well as the Czech Republic. Other events include Rajd Słowaka, experimenting the Polish Day of All Saints, and family reunions.



Kraków is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. It is not only its aesthetics which make it so attractive, but the compelling history that the streets and buildings hold. From the food market, to the Wawel Castle, and the Old Jewish District, Kazimierz, the zone never ceased to surprise me. It was an outstanding cultural experience, which was supported by marvelous hosts, and I truly hope to return in order to quench my thirst for more.




On October 20th, our Rotary club took us to Adršpach, Czech Republic to climb yet another cliff. We were witnesses of superb landscapes and spectacular natural surroundings. This trip also involved a quick visit to the not-so-exciting Paper Museum and the Moszna Castle.




I participated in an annual school hike near the Szczyrk Mountains, called Rajd Słowaka, to which my class prepared an astounding performance, with an original song written by one of my classmates, with the theme of Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. The song was an ode to the sportsmen and women from Katowice who have had an important role in national and international events. It was simply and absolutely genius. We won the whole competition, and we could not have been happier nor felt more united than that day.


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