December of Poland

December of Poland


In December , anywhere was snowing. This is the frist time I saw snow.



In Wrocław, we have a Christmas meeting. We went to the zoo.


This two tortoise are fighting.


And I see a big and fat hippo.


In Wrocław we went to Christmas small town. And find the dwarfs.


This is Katowice small town. There are many people at any time.


This is a big and beautiful church in Wrocław.


A big Christmas tree in Wrocław. Everyone was taking pictures with it.


This is a little tunnel. It’s very similar to Christmaslan in New Taipei City where is very famous Christmas event in Taiwan.


This is the oldest bridge in Wrocław. Lovers will come here lock the locker, and throw the key into the river. Also called Lovers Bridge.


This is aquarium in the zoo. It’s have many kind fish. That is my favorite part.

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