December 2016

December 2016


First I would like to give a great apology for delivering the report late but what happened is that my computer did not serve, but let’s start.

TheseI have had very well going to school knowing people and learning every time more the culture of this great nation that is poland.


I had the opportunity to learn more about how they celebrate Christmas and Ne Year in this country (with the family) and also learn more and more this language that in particular is a bit complicated.



They made me realize a tradition of this country that made me a little strange but in the end I managed to do even if in little confused I managed to kill a fish as dictated by the polish tradition.



With my family the relationship is pretty good I love being with them and I think they also like being with me and that I appreciate it, play with my host brother and ptaticar with my host mama and walk with my host dad.

I have also had meetings with my exchange friends as was the board in Wrocław where I had the opportunity to know more cities of this beautiful country that is Poland, to walk the streets and to know the places inprecionantes is just a little of what was that I love meeting.



Without more to say I thank the opportunity that I was given to make this exchange and the annoyance that is taken when reading all that we are suffering without more to say I wish you a good day thank you.














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