December 2016

December 2016


The month of December started out like any normal month. Life in Poland has started to become very easy-going as I have become accustomed to my surroundings and used to the way of life.

December started out slow with the most interesting thing that I had done was socialize with friends and classmates, However as the month progressed I became more and more anxious and excited for the Rotary’s Wroclaw meeting and to see all of the other exchange students.


When the day of the Wroclaw meeting finally came My Mexican exchange student friend and I took a bus to the meeting in time to meet up with all of the other exchange students. During our time there we were given the chance to explore and visit many amazing places all around the city and learn about some of its history and traditions. Additionally we took a trip to go visit the Książ castle and take a tour as well as getting to see it from the beautiful surrounding hills. Wroclaw was also named the European capital of culture, because of this we were given the opportunity to see a performance put on about Wroclaw and what it stands for.

A Photo of the Książ Castle from a nearby hilltop


On the last night we were invited by the local Rotary club to attend ‘The Christmas of Many Nations’. At this special advent I was invited to say a few things as well as participate in the ceremony.

A Photo of The Wroclaw cultural production

The entire meeting was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad I was given the chance to be with my friends and to do all of these incredible things. At Christmas time my host family and they’re relative all come to our home and we celebrated Christmas and had traditional Polish food and festivities. In Poland there is also St Nicholas Day that was a completely new experience for me as it is not celebrated in Canada.  This month also held many interesting nights like my 17th Birthday, and my first time making pirogues.

A Photo of me and friends on my 17th Birthday




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