Cooking with my Host Family

One of my favorite things in the world is cooking so when my host family ask me to cook something for them I was too happy to show them some of the traditional dishes from my country. I went with my host dad to the supermarket to buy all the things for the food, of course we didn´t find everything cause some of the ingredients are only Mexican but we solve it buying something similar.

I went to my room and when I came back to the kitchen my host dad star making the things cause he told me that he saw a video with a “Mexican abuela” (grandmother) cooking and he was doing what she said it was little funny cause the grandmother in the video was doing the things in other way so I was really confused and start thinking that what I was doing wasn´t so right.

At the end he help me doing the “tinga” is a dish with chicken, chipotle and tomato sauce, and I did dessert that it was corn cake and also I make the “mole” it’s a really weird sauce (at least for polish people) cause is with cacao so its sweet but at the same time is spicy.

We also made some quesadillas and chilaquiles, the first time that I taste that I was really happy cause for me was the Mexican flavor and remind me the food of my mom.


Other thing that we cook was pierogi, one of the most famous dishes in Poland, I was so excited cause is one my favorite dishes here; wild we make them my host that was doing facetime with my host sister that is in brazil cause she was learning too; it was harder than what I tough it will be but im sure that I will do it often back in Mexico.

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