I come from Mexico …

I come from Mexico …


Hi, my name is Eduardo Garcia, I come from Mexico, and I’m about to start my second month of exchange in Warsaw.


And I must say that it has been an incredible time, and I am amazed at all the things that have happened in such a short period of time.

To begin with, I want to mention that feeling I felt when the weeks began to pass faster and faster, and suddenly I was about to fly to Poland, at the beginning, it was not nice to know that the day had come when I would have to leave to the people I love, but as time progressed, happiness began to flow in the moment when I realized that the sacrifice would not be in vain, and that this would be the best experience of my life.

This feeling of happiness was complete when I finished three long days of getting on airplanes and waiting in boarding rooms. After all these flights, they have finally completed the stopovers; before arriving I have asked God a thousand times to help me to give the best first impression.


However, that was impossible because I did not understand Polish, I had to ask my parents for help to find my bags .

I died of embarrassment when I knew that I was searching the wrong way all the time, my bags were closer than I thought.

I forgot the embarrassment when I remembered that the waiting time was over, and that I was finally going to meet them.

We boarded the car, and after an hour’s drive we had arrived home.

They showed me my new room, and they asked me to rest well, since the next day would be long.

A week later, I was able to start adapting to Poland (I had to wait a week because I made another of the most wonderful trips of my life, I’ve gone to Denmark with my family!).

The weeks continued to run, and now I know more places, now I can say that I have not only visited the place where I currently live.

And I have improved my Polish, even if only a little 😅

However, I am not only learning myself, I am also happy to say that I am now a Spanish teacher, I am happy that I will be able to transmit not only my culture, but also my language; In this way I have managed to fulfill one of the things I so longed to do this year.


Although it takes less than two months, I must say that this adventure simply improves and improves with the course of the days, and that I am grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to make this trip.

Although I have never been known to make many friends, I must say that I have had the pleasure of meeting people who are spectacular at this time, and although they are not many, I must say that they are friendships that I simply do not want to lose ever since those friends I met in another country, even those who are now in the same school as me; from those who are learning with me, to those who are learning from me.


I hope these missing months can come with even better news than the ones I have said in this report.




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