Hello, in this second month living in Poland I am very happy, the language is a bit difficult but with time I know that there will be progress.
I went to school for the first time, compared to my school in Argentina it is very big, I was extremely amazed. In this month I did not relate much with the Polish students, it was just a presentation of who I am and that was it.

Something that I loved this month is that we went to Zakopane.

What can I say about Zakopane? It is such a beautiful place. Morskie Oko is so wonderful, I think that anyone should go there, one feels nature very much.

Another activity that I found super fun was to help at the EEMA conference❤
In this report I do not know what else I can say, so enjoy it!



Hello, this 3rd month was so beautiful, I attended a Polish wedding with my family.
I created some friends in that celebrity and I was extremely happy, they were extremely funny!
In this wedding, participate in a dance and surprise contest I win a prize!
I will never forget how much food I had seen that day, there was my favorite dish: Pierogi.❤
I almost forgot it, I met Toruń, I made gingerbread cookies, they were delicious, I loved Toruń and making this trip with all the interchangers was wonderful!
This month there were many special occasions, my first Polish wedding, my host mom’s birthday ❤ my first skating, I was so anxious and fearful, I knew I was going to fall down Haha! It was great this month and I think one of the best ❤

December .. The most anticipated month arrived, the month of Christmas, a Christmas in another country, different, with another climate.
Normally In Argentina when it is Christmas we have 32-35 degrees, it is very hot, here my Christmas in Poland I had about 5 degrees, quite cold.
In this month I made a presentation of how is Christmas in Argentina at my school.
In journalism classes we wrote wishes in Polish and we learned how to make Christmas decorations, I thought the idea was great.
The decorations in Poland look very nice and I find them very original.
With my family we made gingerbread cookies and we decorated them, they were delicious!
We set up the Christmas tree that was very large, with different colors of spheres and many lights.
The day of Christmas was beautiful, great time with the family.
We ate 12 meals without meat, we had fun chats and nice wishes.
At midnight we went to church.
And the next day we met again with the family, and we sang Christmas songs, we also played games.
It was one of the best Christmas I had in my life and I will never forget how special it was.
Obviously I was a bit nostalgic, the first Christmas away from my family, missing the typical foods of my country, but also very happy, extremely happy.
I hope everyone has a nice Christmas!

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