Changing family

I know that its mandatory to change families after a few months, but I have to say that I wasn´t ready, we heard a lot of rumors for example that the change would be before Christmas and most of us didn’t want that cause we where really happy and of course (well maybe not for everybody but for me) spending this holidays with a family that you already know is better than with other that you don’t know at all, so at the end we didn’t change before but after the Christmas holidays. I went with my first host family to Italy for doing ski and those where my last days with them cause after they leave me in Austria and just the day after of my returning my new family was waiting for me.


My first host family took me to my new house, I think they saw that I was really nervous and probably a little bit afraid so they told me that there was nothing to be worried about and that the new family would be great. I was really sad to saying goodbye to the first family, probably I didn´t tell them that a lot but I was really grateful of all the thing that they teach me, all the love that they give me and all the great moments together.


And well talking more  about my new family, I have a sister, two brothers, mom and dad, the first day we went to eat some pizza and after when we come back my sister help me a lot unpacking and finding where to put my things. The first week I get sick so I stay in home for the hole week but it wasn’t as boring as it sound, I watch a lot of movies and some series with my new host family and I have to say that it was amazing cause normally that’s what I do with my family in Mexico.


It wasn’t necessary been in my new house a lot of time to discover that there where nothing to be worried about, I feel really in home with my new family, my host mom give me a lot of hugs and get worried as a real mom, I always dream having a sister, sharing advices, talking about everything and nothing at the same time, and that´s exactly what I have, a great sister, I really love when she come to my room and we can spend hours talking; one of my host brothers is already leaving in his own house so I don’t see him a lot but almost every Sunday all the family together and for what I see he´s really nice too, my second host brother is really funny, and I haven’t talk to much with my host dad cause normally he´s at work but when I see him is really nice and also talking with him.


A few days ago we went to Italy to naples and it was incredible, my mom was a little sick so she stay in the hotel but I went out with my brothers, we get lost, we eat a lot of pizza and ice cream, we walk a lot and we had such beautiful views that I can describe with words, as I said to my parents in Mexico, it was just one of my favorites travels in my exchange, now im ready to the other trip that they are planning to do with me but this time to Norway cause that place has been my dream since a long time ago.


I just can say that this family and the other one are really different but both of them are special for me and ´m really happy that I can call them family.

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