August-October 2016

August-October 2016

I arrived in Poland in the Warsaw airport at 8:00am and was greeted by my host mother, father and brother.

A photo with my host family when I arrived in the Warsaw airport


We spent the day introducing me to a few people and showing me around a bit.

A picture at the farm of my host-aunt’s house.


Although it was 8:00am here it was more like 2:00am for me due to the time difference. I attended the mandatory language camp from august 21-30 in the hotel Zawisza in Bydgoszcz. There I was able to meet most of the exchange students in Poland and make a lot of friends throughout the week. We did many activities through the nine days including; integration, a guide of Bydgoszcz and many polish lessons to start us on our way to learning the polish language.

A Photo of my Exchange friends from language camp.


I now have a book of many of the things that I learned there and use it to help to learn and remember words. At school they have allowed me to participate in many different classes that go through all three years, to help me integrate with new friends and classmates. I have made some new friends at the school and am making more as my polish improves, although many kids are too shy to talk to me still because they don’t trust there English and most assume that I have no polish skills. The people I do talk to are usually those that I approach first of who are introduced to me by teachers. At the Torun camp I was able to meet up with my rotary friends once again and meet people that I did not at the language camp.  I have done a lot of great things during my month here and I have added a few pictures that I have taken through my time.

A Photo of my trip to the Lublin castle in old town.


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